Monday, May 25, 2015

Morale Napoleon - the game

As I mentioned earlier, I was tactically beaten by the system in the very beginning, but I decided to go on with my initial plan, since this was my first game of Moral Napoleon, and I wanted to see what will happen.

On the west, Polish lancers charged British Light Dragoons and rooted them, but pursued into Light infantry who rooted them in turn.
On the east, British Hussars and another Light infantry unit moved into woods to protect flank of their line. I activated my Hussars from the reserve and sent it against British Hussars to protect right wing.
Vistula legion attacking columns pushed forward, but their advance was too slow. British Light unit from the west had enough time to move into flanking position, and I had no units to counter it.
So, British light infantry charged one of my columns to the flank and rooted it. Another of my columns rooted when it broke upon the walls of the building guarded by British Foot Guard.
Victories I counted on the east - my hussars rooting British hussars, and my columns rooting two British line infantry were in vain - British forces had fresh reserve, and my units were open for rear attack, so I decided that I had enough.
What I learned: French troops with several bases are heavy hitters, but they lack the mobility and terrain usage possibility of one base units from the British side.

Next time, I will spread the front line of my units to prevent flanking, and I will keep at least one unit of infantry to the back. Maybe the result will be different then.

Although  Muskets and Shakos will stay my favorite Napoleonic game from 2HW (mostly because the scale of engagement there is more suitable for me), Morale Napoleon is a nice effort, and the one I will return to occasionally.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Morale Napoleon set-up

Two Hour Wargames published new Napoleonic rules called Morale Napoleon, with intention to emulate big battles of the period.

That means - it is time for the new game :)

Even when I play big battles, I like to make them small, so following Ed's example, I started with one infantry division and one cavalry brigade per side. I used point system, so both sides have 247 points.

Here is the set-up.
My French/Polish troops are on the north. Their initial battle plan was to send lancers down the road on the west to menace British left wing, while their superior infantry forces storm British defenses in the center. I left hussars in reserve, to see the development on the field.

But the British deployed for counter attack, with line infantry in and around the buildings, light units at the wings and Highlanders, Rifles and Royal Blues in reserve.

Suddenly, my initial plan is not looking that great...

Stay tuned for more.

Monday, May 4, 2015

And the winners are....

It is time to announce the winners of my 100K give-away.

There were 17 contestants, so I written all names in order and rolled 2 D20.

The roll was:
So, by the luck of the dice, British set goes to Shaun Travers and French to Ricardo Nakamura.

Congratulations to lucky winners. I would like to ask both of you to send me your shipping addresses to e-mail sharanac (at) yahoo (dot) com, or on G+ hangout. 

Thanks to all of you for participating.