Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 BoardGameGeek Solitaire Print and Play Contest

And it is that time again!
2014 BoardGameGeek Solitaire Print and Play Contest is here!

If you are interested to participate, link to contest rules is here:

My entry for this year competition is called Modern Times: Wheels of Industrialization.

It is a Eurogame styled boardgame, bordering with a puzzle. Game uses resource management combined with the board rotation mechanic.

Player’s goal is to build from one to three factories using resources available or produced in ever changing environment. But be warned, each production comes with the price. And there are also taxes to be paid to the government…
Playtesting components can be found here:

Enter the contest, play games, and when the time comes - vote!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big and small: British infantry

With the painting speed increase for 6mm figures, I am now able to show more units in a shorter time.
So, for this installment of Big and small series, I have three units of British infantry.

First are the British infantrymen of the line.
1/72 models are mixed from different sets, while 6mm figures are from Baccus.

Next, some Highlander infantry. So far, I feel that these are the only unit I have not done justice in 6mm, partly because 1/72 Italeri models are so good. 6 mm models are of course from Baccus.

With these unit, and counting Spanish guerilla presented earlier, I have completed First British infantry battalion for Muskets and Shakos.

As Corps asset British can field 2 x 6 men strong independent skirmishers - riflemen.
1/72 miniatures are from Revell, while 6mm are mix of Baccus and Adler.
Finally, here are two last units side by side:

Monday, May 19, 2014

New movemet trays for 6mm models

For some time now I was thinking about the proper way to make movement trays for 6mm figures.
At first, I put them all on 7mm washers (approximately size of mini CD  for 28mm). It is a good solution for SF, but not for Napoleonic since models occupied too mach space on the table when part of formed unit.

Finally I have found just the right solution.
I bought a cheap metal measuring tape that can be found in every hardware store. I took 3 meter long, since it is 16 mm wide, just the dimension I need to accommodate two rows of soldiers.

First, I cut off "snail house" part. Then, I glued the face of the tape to magnetic foil. Once it glues, I am cutting parts 22 mm long, enough to accommodate 3 soldiers.
Finally, I have to straight the tray a little bit between fingers, since the tape is made slightly curved.
Magnetic foils now holds together models, while metal of the tape is glued to the already magnetized playing board.
This way I made a movement tray for 6 troopers. If I put several trays side by side, I can get line formation, and if I put them one behind another it is a column.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Niegolewski's cats and mice

The year 1810 finds Major Andrzej Niegolewski and his Polish guard lancers returning to Spain.
Their first task was to scout the terrain in order to determine position of British troops.
Or as Emperor himself told at the staff meeting: "You just get the mice to sniff their noses out of their holes, Monsieur Niegolewski. Then I will send the cats to do the rest."

Finally I have enough 6mm models to play my first game of Muskets and Shakos. Of course, I am heavily depending on the rule often mentioned in the book - play with what you have. So, Niegolewski will scout the terrain with one regiment of Polish guard lancers (rep 5) and one battalion of French line infantry (rep 4). As reserves, he might expect additional squadron of lancers or one independent skirmish unit of 6 light infantry voltigeurs (rep 5).
British troops, on the other hand, can field one battalion of line infantry (rep 4) one battalion of Spanish guerrilla (rep 3), two independent skirmishing units of 6 rifles each (rep 5) and one regiment of KGL hussars (rep5).

Scouting party entered the field, and the PEFs were deployed in sections 1, 3 and 4. The PEF on the hill turned to be just a case of nerves.
As my troops advanced, the PEF behind the hill come into view and it turned into battalion of British line infantry commanded by brigadier. British commander deployed 3 skirmishers in the woods, but they were quickly eliminated by fire exchange.
In order to get center of section 1 into line of sight, lancers charged Brits, and they retired disordered. Only thanks to their brigadier, they managed to form a square almost at the table edge.
During that time, my foot battalion marched forward and get in sight of the third PEF, who also turned to be case of nerves.
But then the lack favored enemy. They received reinforcements. It was battalion of Spanish guerrilla, who appeared out of nowhere (as guerrilla usually do) in base contact with my cavalry flank, forcing lancers to retire while suffering heavy loses. Further more, foot company tried to change formation and failed, even with brigadier attached (I rolled 3 sixes), so they also lost some troopers and were pinned in place, disordered.
Then, I decided I had enough. It was obvious that British troops are concentrated on the left flank. So, I relied my troops and send them back towards the friendly position.
As I retreated, British fired one last salve, with several hits. I could almost hear British soldiers cheer.
I managed to scout the terrain, so mission was successful, but I suffered heavy casualties. My loses were 3 lancers and 5 infantrymen, while Brits lost only 6 foot soldiers.
Basically my elite unit received heavy beating by 2 British low reputation troops and many unexpected things happened, so this was a really good game.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kickstarter - Leviatan 3000

I just decided to back up on kickstarter a spaceship combat game called Leviathan 3000. The author promises to deliver a simple and fun game, where the spaceships follow laws of phisics.

The game also have strong solo playability (author promises 8 solo missions).

With the print and play version set at only 5£ it can be interesting catch.

The kickstarter campaign is open till Friday, May 9th, and can be found here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

9Qs Solo RPG engine 2013 edition reposted

Since Solo Nexus is now a private blog, and many players have no access to it, John Fiore, author of the famous 9Qs solo RPG engine allowed me to host the latest edition of 9Qs on my blog.

If there is someone still not aware of what the 9Qs are, here is the original description:
Derived from screenwriting techniques, the 9Qs are nine questions that will swiftly guide a solo player through the progressive stages of an adventure in any genre by generating the inspiration needed to create thrilling RPG encounters. Playing through those encounters with any RPG rules system will produce exciting and unexpected results as the solo player alternates between acting as the Game Master and directing the Player Characters.
The engine will work well with a variety of random idea generators, including Rory's Story Cubes and the Mythic GME.

So, here it is: LINK
You can also find the link in the rightmost column of the blog, near the bottom, just above the list of followers.

John is now active on G+ solo RPG community called Lone Wolf Roleplaying, so you can catch him there.
From the community, I would also like to recommend another fine solo RPG idea from John called The Aladdin technique. If you are solo RPG player, you definitely need to check this.

Thanks John.