Friday, November 25, 2011

Knock that Knight!

Today, I purchased Joust, new mini-game from 2HW.
The good thing with the mini-games like this is that you do not need anything special to play them, just a couple of D6, pen and paper. On the other hand, they are almost always fun.
Same thing goes for Joust. It is good pastime for people like me who spend lots of time out of home on different businesses trips...

Anyway, I created my hero, Sir Giles the Dragon slayer and rolled his opponent, Sir Osis of Liver.
Here are the Brave Knights:

Today they took two jousts one after another, to get familiar with their knighthood.
First of them ended without winner, although Sir Osis of Liver had an edge in the last run.
Sir Giles spent some time thinking about his mistakes in first joust, used the lessons learned and ended the second one with easy victory.This earned him 9 Fame points and 900 Gold Florins.
But Sir Giles knows he still has a lot to learn. Skill of unhorsing his opponent is still a mystery to him....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

PC gaming? No, Thanks....

In the old days, before I discovered solo miniature wargaming, I used to play a lots of PC games.
And the ones produced by Bethesda company were always at the top of my list. I remember playing Hammerfall long ago, then Morrowind, finally Oblivion, going through the complete story and all additions several times.
When new Fallout (not Elder scrolls line, but similar) came out, I was already soloing as a wargamer. I played some half way through the game, but I never finished it, something in there was not right for me anymore.

That was the last PC game I was interested in, until recently.

Now, with the publishing of the Skyrim, I felt tempered, and decided to give my old love another chance. Tried to play the game for couple of hours, finished couple of quests, and, I have to say, I feel bored. Turned of the PC and went painting some miniatures.

Goodbye PC gaming, we had fun times ones, but I think it is time we take separate roads....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Miniatures for SF Campaign

For some time I am preparing to play a 5150 campaign, using 1/72 miniatures.
Here are some of the miniatures I have prepared for the game:
Chupa the Zhuh-Zhuh (Cool Mini or Not) and his gang of 4 dropouts (Caesar)Inspector Radisha from the New hope City Police department, and one of his officers wearing riot gear (also Caesar)Hishen gang (miniatures from GW Ork Gretchin set. Ork from the same set will be Grath)
I still think what to use for Razors and Xeogs, so if anyone have some idea, please share...

Monday, November 14, 2011

11.11.11. report: Lord of the Rings Card Game

My second game on Solo Wargaming day was a hand of Lord of the Rings Card Game.

Until today I have played seven or eight rounds, sticking to first scenario Passage through Mirkwood.

As soon as I have purchased the game, I tried to beat it several times using 3 heroes located in the spheres of Lore and Spirit. I lost every single game.

Then, I switched to the heroes from spheres of Leadership and Tactics, and I was victorious in two games in a row.

But Leadership and tactics are not the spheres I want to play, therefore on 11.11.11. I decided to try again with Lore and Spirit. Of course I have lost miserably.

At this moment, game seems a little unbalanced, favoring certain spheres, but I will keep trying with Lore and Spirit until I find the tactics that can get me through first scenario every time….

Sunday, November 13, 2011

5150 game from solo wargaming day

As I said in the earlier post, sorry that the pics are terrible, but there is nothing I can do about it.

My first game on 11.11.11 was 5150 New Hope from 2HW.
A Zuh Zuh star and one unidentified grunt who covered his face behind the gas mask hit the town in order to arrest or eliminate some Hishen criminal elements.

First they met couple of dropouts, and exchanged pleasantries... The book represents building, since the back of it can be used as rooms...Another group of dropouts in the building...
And finally here is the mark... Shots were exchanged and criminals went down....Well, not a bad game, considering limited resources :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

The intergalactic solo wargaming day is here!

So, it is 11.11.11. The intergalactic solo wargaming day is here!
And I am stuck on a businesses trip, in the small German town of Burscheid near Cologne, far away from home, family, and not the least, most of my miniatures. And I will not be going home for at least a week, so no serious gaming until then!
But the big day is here... I will not be able to do what I wanted, but I will be able to do at least SOMETHING!

All I have with me are ton of rules in my PC, several d6, several d10/d100, some miniatures I bought here (so mostly unpainted). I also have some books, shoes and similar that I will use as terrain, and do the best I can in my hotel room.
I will even leave office early today (unfortunately "early" should be transcribed as around 4pm) go to my hotel and play!
Hopefully, I will use weekend to write down some reports, even if photos will not be the best considering that I will be making them with my phone camera.

Any way, I will be using the best of the situation. I hope that all of you will do the same. Keep (Solo) gaming!