Thursday, May 1, 2014

9Qs Solo RPG engine 2013 edition reposted

Since Solo Nexus is now a private blog, and many players have no access to it, John Fiore, author of the famous 9Qs solo RPG engine allowed me to host the latest edition of 9Qs on my blog.

If there is someone still not aware of what the 9Qs are, here is the original description:
Derived from screenwriting techniques, the 9Qs are nine questions that will swiftly guide a solo player through the progressive stages of an adventure in any genre by generating the inspiration needed to create thrilling RPG encounters. Playing through those encounters with any RPG rules system will produce exciting and unexpected results as the solo player alternates between acting as the Game Master and directing the Player Characters.
The engine will work well with a variety of random idea generators, including Rory's Story Cubes and the Mythic GME.

So, here it is: LINK
You can also find the link in the rightmost column of the blog, near the bottom, just above the list of followers.

John is now active on G+ solo RPG community called Lone Wolf Roleplaying, so you can catch him there.
From the community, I would also like to recommend another fine solo RPG idea from John called The Aladdin technique. If you are solo RPG player, you definitely need to check this.

Thanks John.


  1. Hi there, just got here but link's down. Any chance to put it back up again? Thanks in advance

  2. The link to The Aladdin technique is dead. Is there an alternate?

  3. Please repost the Aladin link. Thank you.