Sunday, July 22, 2012

Role Playing and Miniatures Games 101

This is an AAR of the game I played yesterday with my son. It can be viewed as superhero RPG with miniatures and LARP elements :)

At the beginning, Spiderman came, and tried to eat my 2 year old. I had to protect him, hide him behind me and knock the Spiderman down.
While Spidermen recovered from knock-down, I brought Thomas the Tank Engine, with refrigerator inside his cabin. Then, we sent Spidermen to take some bread and milk from fridge and eat that instead of little kids.
Suddenly, Darth Vader appeared out of nowhere. He approached Thomas and took some water out of the fridge. My son warned him not to drink it cold, but to mix it with a water from the tap, or he might catch a cold and then will have to go see a doctor (obvious influence by kids mother, I would say).
This more less ended the session and our first adventure... Advance points were awarded, and I think both of us gained a level :)

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