Friday, August 12, 2011

Image Word history, final chapters

This is a forth, and last chapter of mine solo Microscope / Mythic game called Image World.
Part 1 can be found here and Part 3 can be found here.
The world I created turned out to be much darker then I originally planed, but that is the very beauty of using MGE. You never know where it will take you.
So, history ends and present begins. I will return to this world in the future, for I hope to make a solo RPG campaign in it, and then I will see if some of my characters will be able to end Undead cataclysm, or will creation be doomed to suffer under the restless souls forever.

Romantic as lance (GME: Oppress Inside) focus on how gods of the Image World influence Image World itself.

1. (GME: Harm Wishes). This is an event in Cataclysm period. Time has come when so many sacrifices were made to gods and so many souls moved to the Image World, that it become overpopulated. Outer cover of the Image World started bursting in weak places. Restless souls used these holes to return into the created world as the undead. (D)

2. Will Romantic made a scene inside this event? Extreme yes, it will be dictated scene.
QUESTION (GME: Divide Inside). Why the gods didn’t unite to stop the bursting?
ANSWER (GME: Lie Attention). Was it Imra? Yes. Some gods, led by Imra, grew tired of living inside the Image World. They diverted attention of other gods so that they did not notice bursting until it was too late. (D)

This will be event in Godless times, before War of races. Each god took a realm inside the Image World as his or hers home. Doing that, they have become gods of the race who lived in parallel realm in created world. Only Imra, wanting constant change, refused to settle in one realm. (L)

(GME: Oppress Military). This will be event in Godless times, after the war of races started. Poisoned by the war, some souls continued fighting even in the afterlife in the Image World. For them, gods separated a desolate part of the Image World called Hell, where war never stops. (D)

1. (GME: Dominate Misfortune). This is also an event in Cataclysm. Undead escaped from Hell united in desert realm of created world and conquered most populated areas, turning conquered people into undead. (D)

2. Scene:
QUESTION (GME: Delay Elements). The Undead managed to conquer most of the world but not all of it. What stopped Undead from conquering the remaining realms?
DESCRIPTION (GME: Pursue Hope). Group of refugees is traveling to the safe-heaven.
PICKING CHARACTERSRequired: at least one refugee is required.

Warrior (UNE: mindless preacher, pursue valor, encourage distress), warrior will play time in the form of lich wizard, commander of the undead army that hunts refugees.

I will play Kundru, offspring of orc and dwarf, not very talkative female guide of refugee group.

Romantic (UNE: touchy expert, join discrimination, patronize literature) R will play Achuluchi, elf imagist scholar, former member of anti-mixed races association. Achuluch is nervous that half-breed is leading the group to safe-heaven. He has little knowledge of created world, since he spent his life between old books, researching history of Image World.

W (GME: Dominate the physical) Undead hordes are getting closer to the refugees with every moment. It seems that they can move faster than the refugee caravan.

Me: Kundru constantly moves to the front to show the way, then to the back to check how far the horde is. Every now and then she checks the small vial she carries at her waist.
R (GME: Carelessness illusions) While passing by him, Achuluch says to Kundru: If that flask you have can save us, you better use it now, or those undead will catch us!

W (GME: Carry balance) Undead horde is not attacking yet. It seems as if they are moving with same speed as caravan, keeping constant distance for a while.
Me: Kundru pays no attention to scholar, and continues to lead the group, regularly checking if vial is safe and in position.

R (GME: Heal energy) Achuluch is persistent and asks Kundru: Is this some sort of holly water that can destroy souls of undead or what?

W (GME: Abuse rumor). Suddenly, very persuasive voice coming from everywhere started calling caravan members by name: Come and join us, and you will live forever! Why should your soul suffer in the hells of Image World? Old order is destroyed; join the new one and your life will never end! Some of caravan members look like they will succumb to the voice and caravan starts to move even slower.

Me: Kunduru opens the vial and drinks it. Then speaks to Achuluch: “It is a poison that will kill me in one hour. I will not be taken alive by the undead. It is too late; we will not reach safe heaven. Lich voice will stop us. One way or another, we will all die today. But we will take with us as many undead as possible.” Then, screaming of battle cry or a spell that awakened all succumbed to the lich voice, Kunduru turned around and attacked undead, sending many of restless souls on the road towards image world for a second time. Many caravan members followed her desperate act.

R (MGE: Adversity misfortune) Achuluch tries to escape from the battle and hide, but strayed arrow hits him in the back, and he dies.

W (MGE: Imitate technology) Once all members of the caravan are dead, lich wizard brings to battlefield a giant magical device, that would tear the fabric of Image World even further and return to the creation souls of all who died today.

Me: But on the road to Image World, all souls found there, caravan members and restless souls alike, are unstoppably drawn to Kunduru. In otherworldly language, her soul called to them saying: “By the power given to me by mighty goddess Imra, follow me, for I am your guide! I will not take you to the Image World, but there where all souls of half-breeds go. And that is a place from where there is no return!”

ANSWER: Imra gave a terrible power to her chosen half-breeds. For when half-breed dies, he or she will take all who died at the same day and at the same location to the place of no return, where souls of all half-breeds go after death. By sacrificing themselves, mixed races can slowly lower the number and power of the undead horde. (D)

W – Chose legacy (MGE: Desert Pleasures) W will explore my legacy about souls in the image world. He makes dictated scene with
QUESTION: Why did so many souls left the Image World heaven and returned to creation?
DESCRIPTION (MGE: Transform Business)Some of the restless souls who escaped from Hell when first burst appear on Image World were great scholars and mages. They created a magical device that was able to further break outer cover of Image World and forcefully return some souls into created world. Lesser souls become slaves of powerful leaches, but there are souls of great heroes and scholars from past who kept their free will. Many of them are secretly or publicly opposing undead horde, and support the struggle against it, hoping that once when the cataclysm ends, they will be able to return into afterlife.

ANSWER: Many souls were returned to creation unwillingly, some of them fight against undead horde. (D)


  1. Catching up on some reading, now that I'm all moved into my new place.

    This is really cool and entertaining. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks Dreamer! This was the fun game to play. Mythic and Microscope go really well together.