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The Image World - history arranged chronologically

In few earlier posts I have written reports from playing Lame Mage Microscope RPG. Reports are written in order of play, and might be difficult to follow. Therefore, here is the complete Image World history written in chronological order. Play examples are omitted, and some events are written in short to become clearer.

Magical world raises, develops and comes to the edge of cataclysm.


○ Gods awaken into the world already created, but unshaped and bare (L).

○ Gods create image of the shaped world. World itself is not yet shaped, it is just the image to work by (L)

● As world started to shape, Imra, goddess of change, began to disagree with the image. She started to shape the world differently, according to her own vision, and everything she touched turned even more beautiful than the picture in the Image World. But the other gods were jealous at her successes, so they tricked and imprisoned her into the same Image World she hated, where nothing is real, time stands still and changes are impossible (D)

● Imra escapes from the Image World (D).

○ Imra stole Image World from other Gods, but fell in love with the very thing she once hated and could not destroy it. (L)

○ After making agreement with Imra, all gods left creation and settled inside the Image World. (L)


○ Each god took a realm inside the Image World as his or hers home. Doing that, they have become gods of the race who lived in parallel realm in created world. After death, souls of people moved from creation to realm of their god in Image World. Only Imra, wanting constant change, refused to settle in one realm. (L)

● War of races. Unaware that their gods left the creation, mortal races started holly war for supremacy, fighting in the names of their gods. (D)

● Poisoned by the war, some souls continued fighting even in the afterlife in the Image World. For them, gods separated a desolate part of the Image World called Hell, where war never stops. (D)

○ Gods start hearing prayers of the mortal races again. (L)

○ Gods requesting sacrifices. Gods agree to end godless times if mortals start making sacrifices to them. Each thing or being destroyed in creation gains its image (called soul) in Image World, and the god with the most souls is the most powerful. (L)

○ No god will ever accept sacrifice of a living being. (L)


○ Imagists, order of scientist and mages of all races dedicated to discovering secrets of the Image World rise to power. (L)

● Mixed races were never part of Image World but started to appear in the real history. First such creature was born from elf father and human mother (D)

● Since they are not part of the Image World, souls of half-breeds do not come to the Image World after their owners die in creation. Only Imra may know what happens to the souls of half-breeds, but if she does, she will not tell. (D)

○ Imra, who until that moment had no priesthood in creation, makes half-breeds her chosen people. First temple to Imra built in half-breed town of Gondwalk, and first priests blessed by goddess. (L)

○ Heraha, high priestess of Olhuna, elf goddess of nature, child birth and health, while praying on the twentieth day of spring, received vision of the garden in the Image World, where all plants had their healing properties written in front of them. Grateful for the new knowledge, Heraha order that great festival should be celebrated each year on the twentieth day of spring, which will from this moment on be known as the Day of the healing herbs. (L)


● Time has come when so many sacrifices were made to gods and so many souls moved to the Image World, that it become overpopulated. Outer cover of the Image World started bursting in weak places. Restless souls used these holes to return into the created world as the undead. (D)

● Some gods, led by Imra, grew tired of living inside the Image World. They diverted attention of other gods so that they did not notice bursting until it was too late. (D)

● Undead escaped from Hell united in desert realm of created world and conquered most populated areas, turning conquered people into new undead. (D)

● Some of the restless souls who escaped from Hell when first burst appear on Image World were great scholars and mages. They created a magical device that was able to further break outer cover of Image World and forcefully return some souls into created world. Lesser souls become slaves of powerful leaches, but there are souls of great heroes and scholars from past who kept their free will. Many of them are secretly or publicly opposing undead horde, and support the struggle against it, hoping that once when the cataclysm ends, they will be able to return into afterlife. (D)

● Imra gave a terrible power to her chosen half-breeds. For when half-breed dies, he or she will take all who died at the same day and at the same location to the place of no return, where souls of all half-breeds go after death. By sacrificing themselves, mixed races can slowly lower the number and power of the undead horde. The battle for creation has begun. (D)

END of HISTORY. Present starts from here.

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