Saturday, July 16, 2011

Image World Session 3

This is third part of my Microscope/Mythic game. Part 1 is here, and part 2 here.


Warrior as lance (MGE: Judge Business): Focus on how gods of the image world influence creation.


1. (MGE: Carelessness Power): Period – Godless Times. For centuries after they retreated into Image World gods paid no attention to the created world. (D)
2. (MGE: Struggle Status Quo): Event in Godless times – War of races. Unaware that their gods left the creation, mortal races started holly war for supremacy, fighting in the names of their gods. (D)

Romantic (MGE: Passion Rumor): Event in Godless times – Renaissance of Gods, gods start hearing prayers of the mortal races. (L)

Me: Event in the Age of Knowledge – Imra’s Choice. Imra, who until that moment had no priesthood in creation, makes half-breeds her chosen people. First temple to Imra built in half-breed town of Gondwalk, and first priests blessed by goddess. (L)


1. (MGE: Attract Possessions) Event in Godless times, after renaissance event – Gods requesting sacrifices. Gods agree to end godless times if mortals start making sacrifices to them. Each thing or being destroyed in creation gains its image (called soul) in Image World, and the god with the most souls is the most powerful. (L)
2. Scene:

QUESTION (MGE: Malice a Representative): Will any god request sacrifice of intelligent beings?

Description: God gives his high priest orders how to perform sacrificial rituals.


Required: one god and one priest.

Me: Agburakh, god of bravery and competition.

Romantic (UNE: Addicted bum, Abuse old religions) Harun, Orc war shaman, hungry for power.

Warrior (UNE: Forthright vicar, Explain ghosts, Secure family) Gotarvn, Orc war shaman, seeking ways of ancestors and honor for his tribe.

Me: “Hear me brave warriors! To please me as your god, make a temple with the great furnace in the middle, hot enough to melt iron! Let the greatest warrior melt a sword made by best blacksmith in the tribe! Then shaman should call for me, and I will answer. But if any of the three, if warrior shaman or the blacksmith are unworthy, my anger will be upon them!”

R (MGE: Pursue home) There is the stir among the orcs. Both shamans and their bodyguards were confused, since sacrifice of prisoners from other races was usual among orcs in these days. Harun draws his war axe and rushes towards the statue of the god (typical way for orc to show his disagreement).

W (MGE: Usurp allies) Seeing that Harun is opposing their god, Gotarvn draws his axe and stands in other shaman’s way. They are engaged in battle.

Me: god allows the duel to happen.

R (GME: Struggle pain) Harun is no mach to Gatorvn in combat. He soon finds himself wounded on the ground.

W (GME: Vengeance the public) Harun’s bodyguards rush to the help of their shaman. Gotarvn and his followers found themselves cornered.

Me: “Enough bloodshed for today brave warriors! This will be start of new tradition among orcs. When a dispute arises between warriors of the same status, trial of combat will be held in my temple, and I will give strength of arms to those who are right.

Mark this event as a holiday from now on, and celebrate it with ritual fights in my temple.

And know that this dispute is solved by Gatorvn victory over Harun: no creature should ever be sacrificed in my name, or in the name of any other god! All souls belonging to creatures should be free when they pass to the world of images!

But I will take in my service the bravest of orcs once their souls leave their bodies. That should be your reward for honoring me in creation!”

ANSWER: No god will ever accept sacrifice of a living being.


I will choose Souls in the Image World as legacy.

Dictated scene:

QUESTION: Do souls of Half-breeds go to image world?

DESCRITION: When Tulpar, second son of Laila and Vuluche, died in Caves of Mirrors, Vuluche started ceremony of sacrifices to his soul. But the ceremony was stopped by the voice of goddess Olhuna herself.

Goddess explained Vuluche that souls of half-breeds do not come to Image World, since half-breeds are no part of it. Are half-breeds soulless or are their souls meant to go to some other place no one of the gods knows, except maybe Imra, but she will tell no one.

ANSWER: Only Imra may know what happens to the souls of half-breeds, but they do not come to the Image World. (D)

Final part of the game can be found here.


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