Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gauls VS Romans part 1

During the 2016, I plan to start two new periods in my wargaming world. One will be WW1, and another is ancient history.

For this second period I have already selected some good sets of rules - free solo friendly rules Ancient Battlelines Clash by Shaun Travers are definitely among them.

On the other hand, I have too many miniatures for all periods and scales, so I definitely needed something quick, dirty and budget friendly. Therefore, I decided to go with the paper miniatures.

Photo above shows my new armies - Polybian Romans Vs. Gauls. Miniatures are scaled to 10mm and based on 10x20mm for infantry, 15x20mm for cavalry and 20x20mm for chariots in order to play on 30x30cm table.
All Romans are taken from Junior general web page. Picture above shows more than 110 points of Polybian Romans according to ABC points system, that should be enough to play even very large  Roman civil wars games.
I wanted to make Gauls from Asterix comic, but I was unable to find appropriate miniatures. With heavy heart, I had to go with regular army.
While Junior General have some nice Gallic warbands, there are no good miniatures for cavalry or chariots, so I had to turn to commercial sources - Lvmenes has a good 2 part set of Romans and Gauls.
So far I have made 35 point Gaul army. I will have to build more warbands in order to field larger force.

I will add some battle reports soon.


  1. I'm not really a wargamer, but after I read Caesar's De bello gallico I ran out to the game store and bought boxes of 15mm romans and gauls to play with. They ended up decorating my classics bookshelf.

    I look forward to your dispatches from the front, Imperator.

  2. Nice! And Lvmenes makes some good figures, indeed. Just a short while ago I came across Ancient Battlelines Clash but haven't read them yet... looking forward to your reports!

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