Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some terrain features

Recently, I decided to make some terrain features for my 6mm/10mm games.

Here is the result:
In the picture below, you can see a 10mm evil humans wizard in a forest, 6mm french chasseur riding though the rough terrain, and finally a 10mm orc horde defending some linear obstacles.
Then, there is some modern/SF terrain.
Ammunition shop is paper model from papermau, scaled down to 6mm. Roof is a walkable surface, so it is magnetized to keep 6mm star trooper connected to it.
Windmill is made from old tooth brush head, with paper blades.


  1. Off to a great start on that terrain. Are you playing on 12" mats, or do you combine a few for a bigger playfield?

  2. I usually play on 12" but I use special rulers where 1"=3"