Tuesday, March 24, 2015

5150 platoon leader

New 50150 Star army title is out, so I decided to check it out.

For my first battle I paired my monkey boys (two Rep 4 squads - one led by a Star, one Rep 5 assault squad and a rocket launcher)  vs. some Star army troopers (one Rep 4 squad lead by a Star, one Rep 3 squad, one squad of Rep 4 Symons and a rocket launcher).

In turn one, my boys were unable to activate, so Star army moved first. Unit with enemy Star moved in sight of my second squad, won the test end eliminated my troops from the table.
Symons also activated and they came in sight with assault Zuh-Zuhs. My guys won the firefight this time, eliminating 4 Symmons and sending two of them running for cover.
In turn 2, assault troops moved into forest to shoot at rep 3 troopers, and eliminated complete squad.
On the other side of the battlefield, Star army command squad involved into firefight with Zuh Zuh command, and scored better, managing to get OOF result on the Star (after star power dice were rolled) while loosing just one trooper.

Left without the leader, monkey boys retreated from the battlefield.


  1. I'm curious about the terrain you have - is it as rolled by the terrain generator in the rules? It looks pretty sparse so very little cover for either side...

  2. No. I just put what I have in order to make as much cover as possible :) Basically through the game I was counting all the squads that moved in contact with any terrain as being in cover.

  3. As you can tell, PL is made for larger battles with multiple platoons. Gamers often play two levels higher than what the rules are written for. What I mean, for example, with Star Army they will try and play a company (2 levels up) instead of a squad. Now with Platoon leader they can a company (6 squads) or battalion (12 squads) and still get it done in a reasonable time.
    Thanks for posting - like the idea of all counting as cover regardless of terrain feature.