Thursday, March 19, 2015

Painting orcs

Just painting some 10mm Copplestone orcs, so I thought that it might be fun to post a process.

Please note that this is not a painting tutorial, I am going for tabletop quality.

I start with giving my orcs base coat of rotten flesh.

 After the paint dries for five minutes, I give them heavy green ink wash.
Few more minutes of drying, and it is now time to add details - black hair, brown bows and quarrels, orange cloth patches and arrows, bronze and chainmail metal for armor.
I use white to highlight details like teeth, runes on quarrels, belts, etc. It is also time to paint the bases. For the flock I use, snot green is the best base color.
 Adding flock.
 Some final touches to the bases, and two of my orc archers units are ready to see some action.
In total, two units are painted in less then one hour.

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