Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tiny Epic Defenders

Another physical kickstarter award arrived.

This time, it is a game called Tiny Epic Defenders, by Gamelyn Games.
Tiny Epic Defenders is a 1+ filler game that can be played in 30 minutes.
While some players judge it as repetitive, after first few games I see a lots of potential here.
The basic mechanic of the game is "counting cards". There is a limited number of same cards appearing every turn. Player's goal is to remember which cards passed this turn, in order to position his hero at the best possible location when the next card is drawn.

The game starts slowly, but quickly turns into a mess with regions being destroyed, and player racing against time trying desperately to achieve victory. With that, game resembles Red November or Pandemic.
So, this is quick game, with enough repleyability to keep me occupied and with small print, it has everything we busy father type gamers need, and I am glad I put my money on it.


  1. I've just ordered TED as an add-on to my TEG Kickstarter so I'm looking forward to getting some games in. The ability to play solo and with friends was key for me!

    1. Unfortunately, I missed TEG, for when the kickstarter started it was 2-4 players game, so not for me. It was later promoted into 1-5 players game, but I failed to notice it, so I learned it too late to join.