Sunday, February 8, 2015

Broken attack

It is final time to put down to writing second part of my Muskets and Shakos attack game. First part can be found here.
After I deployed reinforcements - second infantry brigade, the things looked better for me.
But than British light infantry rooted my hussars, and precise rifle fire sent my light infantry running.
Encouraged by their success, rifles turned on my lancers, and rooted them too.
At this point I realized that I have only one infantry brigade on the table, while British side (calculating PEFs on average) have or can deploy two brigades (mix of foot and cavalry), some independent skirmishers, and with my luck probably section of guns too.

For smart man that is enough, so I decided to withdraw.

So, I lost. But Muskets and Shakos is not an easy game, and I also lost first scouting ancounter, untill I learned what I should do to counter enemy actions.
As I already mentioned earlier, I made a lot of mistakes in this game, and they say that practice makes things perfect, but unfortunately, I will not have time for that.
This game lasted almost 4 hours of real time, and this is too much for me at the moment. I'm looking for a games that can be over within one hour, and in Muskets and Shakos that can be done only with scouting scenario.

As option, I am planing to activate scenarios from One Hour Wargames book, using this (and also many other) rules, and with one brigade per side it should fit within desired time.

Also, 2 Hour Wargames are preparing new army scale napoleonic game, and that should also be interesting.


  1. Great looking game. I really like the background you have!

  2. A beautiful table (and background picture!), nice village!

  3. Those demmed Rifles always seem to show up where they can inflict the most damage. I shouldn't have written them into the rules :) Happens to me ALL THE TIME too. Must be the ghost of Richard Sharpe haunting the game system. I mean they are no more likely to show up than anybody else and yet...

    Bob :)