Wednesday, February 18, 2015


After the loss in the last game, I wanted revenge.
So, I prepared a new squad, consisting of Guard cavalry officer, Polish Lancer, Light infantry NCO, 2 Light infantry Voltigeurs and Light infantry Chasseur.

The British squad was the same as in the last game.

I moved first, so I sent one Voltigeur into forest, while another Voltigeur and Chasseur moved to defend a hedge. I positioned Lancer to the right of the hedge, while officer and NCO wisely stayed behind.

In British turn, infantry moved from behind the building and fired, but missed. British officer ordered group move. Royal Blue moved forward, found himself in danger zone from the Voltigeur defending hedge, so charged the group behind the obstacle to avoid being hit. The Chasseur that was first  in the line of charge got afraid, and quit the field. Voltigeur just retreated a little, so that Royal Blue found himself in the contact with Lancer only.
Light dragoon also moved, and found himself in the danger zone from the Voltigeur in the forest, so he charged there.
Hussar wanted to help Royal blue and charge Lancer, but failed morale test and joined combat against Voltigeur in the forest instead.
In turn 2, Polish NCO fired at British officer but missed.
Then, I decided to risk again and send my officer into action (after all, he is guard cavalry and a CC killing machine!). He charged Hussar, and made him fall. Then, Voltigeur from the forest also attacked Hussar and sent him Out of action.
Lancer attacked Royal blue and send him Out of action too. He had another action so he moved in contact with British officer who passed morale test and stayed in CC.
British line veteran reloaded and fired at Polish officer, who recoiled. Rifleman reloaded. Light Dragoon attacked Voltigeur and send him to the ground.
British officer tried to attack Lancer, but stood no chance and fell down.
In next turn, Lancer took the advantage over the fallen enemy officer, and scored instant kill.
That was enough for the remaining British soldiers, who decided to run off the table.

Sweet revenge :)

The game was once again decided by successful morale test. When fear causing Lancer approached British officer, he made a morale test on 3 dice at 4+ and rolled 5, 6, 6 staying this way in CC that would become his doom. If he would failed at least one die, he would move away from danger to support his infantry, in which case the game would certainly last few turns longer.

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