Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Short affair

It has been a while since I played a game of Song of Drums and Shakos. And to be honest, I kinda started to miss the rules, so I decided to come back to them.

Therefore, here is my first report from a game played with 6mm figures, on 30x30cm board, and using sticks of 60, 40 and 25mm.

As usually, I am running French/Polish side, while British forces are under command of my own Lone Shako solo SDS engine.

My forces consisted of Light cavalry officer, Polish guard lancer, Light infantry NCO and 3 elite voltigeurs. After that I had just enough points to add a National guard model, and that gave me idea for scenario. National guard model represents a young sibling of famous Spanish noble who is supporting French cause. If I manage to lead him out of the field through the enemy board edge, I will win. If he gets killed or if he runs away, NPC British side will claim the victory.

British side fielded Light cavalry officer, Light dragoon, Hussar and Royal Blue, Line infantry NCO, Line infantry veteran and one member of the rifles. British side was rolled randomly on the British list in the book.

It all started good for me, with British side rolling two early turnovers, and that allowed me to move my light troops into forest.
Then, British cavalry separated, with Royal Blue and Hussar going to the left of the lake, and Light dragoon to the right.
I used occasion to charge Light dragoon with my fear causing guard Lancer, but Dragoon stood his ground. So, I sent my officer to support his Polish countrymen.
Unfortunately, Royal Blue grabbed the possibility, joined combat and managed to double my officer and send him Out of fight. Leader lost morale test immediately pushed my precious Spanish noble off the table, so it was Game Over, with victory going to British side.

I think that last game of SDS I played some 6 months ago, so I totally forgot that in this game one should not put their officers where they do not belong (read in close combat!).
But the possibility to charge lone Dragoon with Lancer was so sweet that I just could not resist it. And when this charge failed, I could not let my harder hitter face his fate alone, so one thing let to another....

The real hero of this game was British Light Dragoon who passed the 3 dice morale check on 5+. If he had failed at least one die, everything will be different.

Now I am eager for revenge!


  1. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of 6mm. It's cool to see that even a skirmish game works in that size (and it gives me ideas for future projects).

  2. For 6mm skirmish all you need is individually based models. And you can always spare few from the bunch you receive to base individually :) I recommend 3mm washers as an infantry base and 2 3mm washers side by side for cavalry.

  3. Hey Aleksandar,
    Good report and great use of 6mm figures, I have literally 1000s but still use 28mm for skirmishing I may have to rethink that!
    Cheers Pete

  4. Amazing. Looks really good to and nice little scenario.

    I'm a 15mm Napoleonic player and have been looking at 1/72nd or 25/28mm for skirmish.

    But with your approach, 6mm could be an option. Whole I would need separate terrain, that wouldn't be too much trouble.