Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kill the Bug - Oolong the Scarlet Hero intermezzo

Continued form here.

This is just a small adventure to connect the loose threads.

After leaving town of Earl Grey, Oolong entered wildernesses and approached a lair of the giant bug that is needed as ingredient to wizard Darjeeling.

Oolong tied Guan Yin a little bit further from the bug's lair, and then she approached the giant insect.

Potions are really powerful in Scarlet Heroes, and I decided to use two - Invisibility in order to make surprise attack and Furious Might to further increase our hero fighting ability. It was enough to kill monster with first attack.

So, Oolong put bug's carcase on the donkey and went to see the wizard.

Darjeeling was very happy to see his ingredient ready to be used. So, he teaches Oolong some magic tricks, enough for her to become level 0 Magic User. Now, our hero can use d4 fray die against all opponents, and she will be able to use wands or scrolls should she encounters them. So far, she knows no spells, and has no spell slots, she needs to become at least level 1 magic user for that.

Oolong also took the occasion to ask Darjeeling about his Porcelain servitor. He said that he could not care less about the golem, but asked Oolong to keep it as far away from his cage if possible, because stupid thing talks too much. Oolong made the magician very happy when she explained that the servitor already left for the big city with Long Jing, the hairdresser.

Finishing with the job that was burdening her a little, Oolong earned one more experience point.

And now, off to Capital, where she will encounter some Perilous Interactions.....

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