Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dancing WIth Wolves part 3

Some 3 years ago, I played two sessions of Runequest campaign, then for some reason I stopped with it, but I always wanted to come back.
Here are these sessions:
Part 1

Part 2

Finally I got a chance to go on with the adventures of Dragonfly, using 9Q guidelines and Runeuest engine. Random idea generators are mixed through game....

Q1 What looming hostility inherent within the setting unexpectedly comes into conflict with the heroic motivation, threatening to worsen over time?
Be the GM first: Lightning /Meteor the rumor spreads that a meteor stone was found in the prairie. Around it, every night a flight of fire tongues is seen dancing at dusk.

Be the PC next: if they are alive, fire tongues are some king of tribe. And they probably do ritual dance around the stone, so hoping that he can learn something, Dragonfly decides to investigate. Can he find somebody willing to go with him there?  (unlikely). No.

Be the GM once more:
Haw far is the rumored location of the stone from Dragonfly’s home? 6 days.
2 days of travel uneventful. Encounter on third day. What kind of encounter: assist the mundane. Dragonfly noticed a farmer’s wagon with vegetables broken on the road. He tries to help repair it, but he can’t. He offers to run to the farmer’s village to get help, while farmer keeps eye on the wagon. It is easy task, so soon Dragonfly returns with the help. Villagers keep him from dinner, so he loses one day. But he is fed and equipped with food for a trip.
Another day passes without events, and then on day 5 hero runs into another encounter. Recruit love. New NPC (or PC?). Dependable home maker. Convey wealth. Interact riddles. Review dreams.
At one moment, Dragonfly noticed another person going parallel to him. Two travelers soon started approaching each other, and Dragonfly noticed that it is a girl of his age, obviously also a lay member of Lhankor Mhy cult. When they finally met, she suddenly stopped, her face overwhelmed with surprise.
I, I…. I know you… Actualy I don’t  but…. I have seen you in my dreams…. Our destinies are bounded together…. I, I…..
The girl’s name is Tigerina. She is also traveling to investigate rumors about meteor stone, with motivation (carry outside) of finding knowledge about transferring objects and knowledge from this to different worlds. She has high hopes that meteor stone can help her with that.
Tigerina is a townswoman, her riches are counted to 162L, caries a dagger, and has no armor.
They decided to continue together. The rest of the trip to the rumored location of meteor stone is uneventful.

Q2 What unusual event occurs soon afterwards?
Be the GM first: pursuit. Mistrust Pleasures.
As Dragonfly and Tigerina entered the area of prairie where the stone is said to be, a mob of women appeared. There is 9 of them, they are armed with improvised weapons, and even from a far one can see crazed look upon their faces. Mob started approaching heroes, with obvious killing attention.

Be the player next: Heroes start running. They outrun 6 mobsters, but 3 were persistent. As Tigerina started falling behind, Dragonfly decided to turn and fight.
Mobsters attacks first. How many will go for Tigerina? None. All go for Dragonfly!
After some fight, and Dragonfly getting some damage soaked by armor, heroes find themselves with one mobster dead and 2 lying on the ground, unable to stand.   

Be the GM once more: But mad woman crawl to continue the fight. It was obvious that their madness can’t be cured. Dragonfly and Tigerina had to kill them quickly, not wanting these woman to be eaten alive by animals or maybe even their mad sisters.
Treasure: heroes find 57L on bodies. Dragonfly takes them, Tigerina says she do not need this kind of blood money.

Q3. What elements of the results of Q1 and Q2 suddenly get twisted together in a surprising manner, increasing the danger to the heroic motivation?
Be the GM first: Mistrust Allies. Betrayal/Combat
Tigerina suddenly attacks Dragonfly. Her face represents the same madness mobster woman had!

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