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Dancing with the wolfs scene 1

This story is produced using Mythic GM emulator with RuneQuest 2nd edition (Chaosium 1980).

Story starts in the barbarian village of Wolfdance, in northern Prax, near Pairing stone, between Pavis and Adari, in the third age just before the Hero wars.

The main character is Dragonfly, charismatic young barbarian (CH15). He is a little bit smaller (CON 10, SIZ 10) and maybe not so fast and agile (DEX 9) as other boys in his generation, but he managed to proclaim himself as one of pack leaders (POW 12) thanks to his brains (INT 16), already mentioned charisma, and (only when necessary) his strength that allowed him to endure arm wrestling contests with most boys in the village (STR 12).

Mythic: I decided to start slow; therefore beginning CF will be 3, but it will not go below this level. To add little bit of action, all doubles will create some unexpected event.

Scene 1: Priest of Lhankor Mhy comes to Wolfdance to teach the young of the village how to read and write.

4 – as described.

Dragonfly, with his high intelligence, always wanted to become a sage. But the priests of Lhankor Mhy would not accept him earlier, declaring him to young. But then Dragonfly celebrated his 16th birthday, and was declared grown warrior.

A month later, when Akhon Te, dance priest of Lhankor Mhy, came to the village on his regular teaching pilgrimage, Dragonfly confronted her, requesting to become lay member of the cult.

Priest took some time to think, but finally she accepted young candidate (required 75, rolled 72!).

First task that was given to Dragonfly as a cult member was to learn as much as he can from Akhon Te. Therefore, he spent a week learning to read and write his own language (free to lay members!), until he reached 25% skill.

Noticing that he is a good student, Akhon Te decided to give Dragonfly a loan of 1200 Lunars. With 72 L he had saved through his early life, Dragonfly’s reaches count 1272 Lunars, adventuring kit, set of snares and a dagger.

Dragonfly immediately spent some of it to purchase two more daggers and some light leather armor that will not encumber him much (205L worth, leaving him with 1067L).

Dance priest explained Dragonfly that she does not need the money back. Instead, she will consider loan returned in full once the student learns and teach her 3 tribal dances from the neighborhood barbarian tribes.

Since Dragonfly was not much of the dancer (10%) he asked Akhon Te if she can teach him a bit of dancing. She agreed, if he pays a tribute to the Lhankor Mhy temple.

Mythic: how much is 5% training for dancing skill? 100L? No. 200? No. 300? Yes.

Dragonfly pays 300L. Training takes 3 days. He now has 15% dancing skill.

Next, he decided to go to nearby village of Sharprock and try to learn their tribal dance.

Mythic: is there a caravan going from Wolfdance to Sharprock? Yes.

Dragonfly went to the caravan master and asked him if he needs a guard to protect a caravan.

Mythic: does he? Extreme no.

The road is rather safe for a bigger group of travelers but not for someone who travels alone. Therefore, caravan leader offered his protection to Dragonfly. He can go with them, but has to pay for the trip.

Mythic: How much? D100? Yes.

Cost is 68 Lunars. Alex agrees to pay, so the caravan starts its trip.

Mythic: Anything happened on the way? No.

They reached Sharprock on the next morning. Dragonfly slept comfortably in one of the wagons, so he was rested and eager to learn.

Mythic: does Dragonfly know somebody in Sharprock who will be able to show him tribal dance? Yes.

Dragonfly visited local elder, who occasionally traveled to Wolfdance.

Mythic: is there a favor Dragonfly has to do for the elder in order to learn his dance? Near sure thing, but No!

Elder was happy to show his dance to Dragonfly. But can he repeat the moves? Dance test, needed 15 or less. Roll………………….02! Dragonfly managed to learn this dance with no problems. Satisfied, he decided to return to Wolfdance.

Mythic: is there a caravan going from Sharprock to Wolfdance? Extreme yes.

The same caravan that brought him to Sharprock was returning home. Dragonfly paid for the trip again and went to sleep in his wagon.

Mythic: Trip back is uneventful? Yes.

Next morning, young hero was home. He presented the dance he learned to the priest, and she was satisfied.

Then he made another donation to the temple, and asked her to continue his study, so she spent next 3 days additionally improving his dancing (to 20%).

Finally, Dragonfly took a week of rest, meditating on what happened during last few weeks. He tried to learn something from experience he gained. He needs 100% - 20% dancing skil + 4*3 for intelligence = 92. Rolled 46. His dancing skill increased by 5% to 25.

End of scene 1.

Hero was in control, so CF stays at 3.

Age of the hero: 16 years and 2 months.

Money left at hand: 331L.


Become rune lord of Lhankor Mhy

Learn 3 tribal dances. One learned, two to go.

NPC list:

Villagers of Wolfdance

Akhon Te, dance rune priest of Lhankor Mhy

Barbarian caravan

Villagers of Sharprock

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