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Dancing with the wolfs, scene 2

A big gathering of tribal healers happens in the village of Bufallospring, 5 (d10) days walk from Wolfdance. Gathering starts in 6 days (d6+d4) and lasts 4 (d4) days. Dragonfly and a group of other youngsters from the village leave to Bufalospring…

2 – Altered scene!

A hoard of buffalos roamed near the Wolfdance. Therefore, all warriors from the tribe are obligated to join the hunt, and are unable to travel to gathering. As a follower of Lhankor Mhy, Dragonfly is free to leave, but he has to go alone.

Trip was uneventful on the whole first day and the most of the second. But during the second night something happened.

What? NPC action, adjourn plan. Which NPC? 4: Villager of Sharprock.

Dragonfly set a camp under the great baobab tree… Somewhere around midnight, some screams were heard, and then a boy entered the area lit by the fire. It was son from Sharprock healer Bluegrass, who our hero has seen during the recent visit to their village. Boy shouted that his family (father, mother, grandmother and d4=3 kids) is under the attack by baboons!

Dragonfly took his weapon and run to help attacked family.

There are d10=3 baboons still attacking caravan. Seeing the newcomers, one of them turned from caravan and attacked Dragonfly.

Baboon is strike rank 8, Dragonfly strike rank 9.

Turn 1: Baboon hits Dragonfly’s left arm, but armor deflects this blow. Dragonfly misses.

Turn 2: Baboon hits Dragonfly’s left leg, inflicting 2 points of damage. Dragonfly misses.

Turn 3: Baboon misses. Dragonfly hits baboon’s chest, inflicting 3 points of damage.

Is this enough for the beast? Yes!

Wounded baboon screamed and started running away from the caravan. The remaining 2 followed.

Any defender seriously hurt? No.

Did baboons take animals pulling the wagon? Yes!

Group had to decide what to do while father of the family bandaged Dragonfly's bleeding leg. It was useless to follow animals, because baboons usually travel in larger groups and they will be ready to defend their prey. Best solution would be for father and the boy to undertake trip to the nearest village (1,5 days of forced march), purchase or borrow new animals and ride them back to the wagon (1 day trip back riding). In such a way, caravan could reach Bufalospring in the afternoon of the second day of the tribal gathering. Still for this scenario, it would be good if Dragonfly would stay with the rest of the family, to help defend caravan. Dragonfly could of course go by himself and still reach gathering on time, but the family promised him part of their earning at the gathering if he stays with them. Needing any lunar he can get, Dragonfly decided to stay.

Was than any unexpected event while the boys were gone? No!

Days were peaceful, so Dragonfly dedicated them to the training with the knife, ready to learn something from his fight against baboon. He needs 100% - 30% dagger skill + 4*3 for intelligence = 82. Rolled 75. His dagger skill increased by 5% to 35.

Are boys arriving on the third day as expected? Yes, but they are a bit late, because they needed time to acquire animals. Caravan can arrive to Bufalospring in the late evening of second day of gathering, and therefore will have only 2 days to finish their business.

Anything happened during 3 days caravan needed to reach Bufalospring? No.

At the evening of the second day of tribal gathering, caravan with Dragonfly in it entered Bufalospring.

The village was full of priests, healers, alchemist and sages. Following them, all kind of entertainers, thieves and merchants came.

After a good night sleep in the Bluegrass' wagon, Dragonfly went to gathering area. He takes listening test, trying to hear something that might be of interest for him. 30% limit, rolled 21. Yes.

What was the interesting fact? Inquire good.

He heard about the initiate of Challane Arroy called Issailar. She is looking for good but sick people to teach them how to heal themselves through movement.

Dragonfly approached Issailar and introduced himself as lay member of Lankhor Mhy, and that he is in a quest to learn dances. He asks if she is willing to teach him healing moves as a sort of dance.

Issailar has urge to teach everybody (25%) and Blugrass speaks about him as a good men (+10%). Also, Dragonfly comes from associate cult (+20%), but he is not sick (-25%). Additional 3% will be calculated for each point of charisma over 12, so 3*3=+9%. Total 39%. Rolled 70 - No!

Dragonfly decides to push his luck. He can understand that she is now occupied with sick people, but will she teach him once the gathering is over? Rolled 97! Fumble.

Issailar gets mad and refuses to speak another word with Dragonfly.

Dragonfly decided to try his luck at another place, but there was nothing he was able to spot for the remain of the day. He want back to Bluegrass' wagon to spend the nigh.

At the last day of the gathering Dragonfly spent 3 hours walking around before he was able to hear anything interesting. Finally, he noticed (what? Punish Status Quo) big crowd gathering near a preacher who claimed that priests of Chalana Arroy use old healing techniques, and that they are slowing progress in medicine. They will soon be punished with new disease for which there will be no cure.

Dragonfly stepped out and asked what can he, as individual, do to change it?

Waste bureaucracy.

Preacher asked him and everyone else to destroy Chalana Arroy cult. Listening to that, Dragonfly decided that this speaker is mad, and left, continuing his search through the gathering area. But he was unable to find anything else interesting.

At the end of the day, Dragonfly met with the Bluegrass family. They have paid him promised percentage from their earning 2xd100 Lunars - 20+92=112 Lunars.

They also asked him if he would like to come back with them, and Dragonfly accepted.

Anything happened during 5 days long return? No.

Days were peaceful, so Dragonfly meditated about his listening skill. He needs 100% - 30% listening skill + 4*3 for intelligence = 82. Rolled 14. His listening skill increased by 5% to 35.

After 2 weeks of traveling, Dragonfly returned to Wolfdance.

End of scene 2.

Hero was not in control, so CF rises to 4.

Age of the hero: 16 years and 3 months.

Money left at hand: 443L.


Become rune lord of Lhankor Mhy

Learn 3 tribal dances. One learned, two to go.

NPC list:

Villagers of Wolfdance

Akhon Te, dance rune priest of Lhankor Mhy

Barbarian caravan

Bluegrass healers family, Villagers of Sharprock

Issailar, initiate of Chalana Arroy, angry at Dragonfly

Mad healer who wants to destroy Chalana Arroy cult

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