Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crazy Street Preacher IV part 1

This forth installment of  Crazy street preacher  campaign is played using 9Q  system by John Fiore. As usually, Mythic GME and UNE do the rest.
Q1. What action consistent with the heroic motivation do the heroes take that bring them into conflict with a looming hostility inherent within the setting?
Be the player first: Seeing no good in meetings of cult members and no action taken, Gerry starts street preaching again. Inspired by word seen on his initiation picture (see part III), he starts telling people that they have to pass through Ravine to reach better life.
Be GM next - trick power: A man on the street reacted to the word. While hiking through countryside a day before, in the ravine of nearby river he noticed some strange flying fires roaming around in the dusk.
Be the player once more: Gerry decides to go to the ravine the very same night. But to be on the safe side, he sends anonymous letter to Police PR (see part III) informing him about some strange cult activities on the site.

Q2. What overtly troubling event remotely tied to the results of Question 1 occurs, confirming that something seriously adverse to the heroic motivation is afoot?
Be the GM first – excitement rumor (intrigue): Buddhist monk also heard rumors about strange things near river, so he sent one cult member to investigate. He never came back. Monk contacts Gerry asking him to go there also.
Be the payer next: Gerry explains that he planned to go there anyway.
Be the GM once more: Monk is satisfied with this answer and goes on with cult business.

Q3. What elements of the results of Questions 1 and 2 suddenly get twisted in a surprising manner, increasing the danger to the heroic motivation? 
Be the GM first – Refuse rumor (betrayal, revelation): Police PR receives letter from Gerry but refuses to believe in it and throws it away without giving it a second thought.
Gerry knows nothing about it, so he leaves for ravine believing in back up from two sides.

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  1. Hooray for this! I look forward to your results!

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