Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back to routine

 Jatacenje 2013 is over, and during last week I was again able to come back to project on my regular schedule.
I played some solo RPG using 9Q guidance and soon you will be able to read new adventure of Gerry, manic street preacher.
Also, I was able to do some painting.
Andrzej Niegolewski is my long time Napoleonic hero,  but so far he was always lone rider. Finally, he can join his unit of Polish guard lancers.
I am not very satisfied with painting result, since it is only tabletop quality. I know I can paint much better, but for some reason these Zvezda models refused to give themselves to my brush. But I am happy I finished this unit anyway.

In other news, this is the post No 100 on this blog. I would like  to use this little jubilee to thank you all for reading battreps.

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  1. Congratulations for the 100th post, and I must say that your tabletop quality is better than any quality I can reach painting minis :)