Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Sand Arena

Red Sand Black Moon, the game of Fantasy gladiator combat by 2HW is definitely new hit among the miniature wargaming bloggers, getting some excellent  AAR's on places like this one, or this one.
I was also one of those who grabbed the game as soon as it appeared, but my other projects kept me away from it for a while.
Finally, my arena for RSBM (or RSBS HOTA) is ready, and the games may begin.
For the first mach, I connected Silver Elf against Black Moon Goblin, both level 11 fighters.
In short, both gladiators exchanged some blows, but then Gobo over calculated, passed by Elf, got wounded and knocked down on his face. Elf attacked from the rear and cut Gobo to peaces.
If anyone is interested, some earlier gladiator action can be found here.

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