Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 Chariots 4 A Race

For some time now I am planing to play a campaign game of Charioteer by 2HW, where I would take my team from the fringe of the empire to Circus Maximus.
Therefore, I purchased all chariots in 1/72 scale I could get.
Finally, I managed to paint 4 of them for the first race.
So I present them to you:
From far North-West comes Gallic Warrior Queen with her chariot (HaT 8140)
Egyptians were famous for their light and fast chariots (Ceasar H024)
 From the cradle of civilization, Sumer, comes crude built chariot driven by 4 donkeys (HaT 8130)
 Last but not least, Mitanni team consist of two Mariyannu nobles (Ceasar H015)
And the race is on!
But many painting still awaits me, since teams from India, Hittite Empire, Assyria, Persia and of course Rome, wait for their turn to join the circus!

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