Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Games that define me

Following posts from other blogs, I also asked myself which games define me the best. And here are the possible answers:

1. Mythic Game Master Emulator. Something that touched both my gaming and storytelling nerve so many times. A tool that can take you through RPG session in a blink, game with which you never know what to expect. Pure gold.
2. Microscope RPG by Lame Mage. Again combined with Mythic and Risus Monkey’s principle of multiple personalities, this game helped me create worlds I would never think on my own.
3. Song of Drums and Shakos. My favorite game for skirmishers in Napoleonic period. Easily adapted for solo gaming, with engine that can always throw a twist on you based on dice allocation principle…
4. Mmmmm, Dice allocation games. Well I just love dice allocation games of any kind, be it expensive commercial hit like Elder Sign, free one pager game from experimental playground or something in the middle like the games produced for BGG Solo P’n’P contest. I just love them. Period.
5. When you say “Dice allocation”, it will be a sin to omit great minigames from 2 Hour Wargames. Their gladiator combat games, racing games or game of Jousting in Middle Ages represent dice allocation in their best and deserve entry of their own.
6. Chronicles of Blood. Everything that a solo gamer can wish for. Fast, interesting, simple, open to house rules. And most of all, FREE! Go get it.
7. Napoleonic period: Muskets and Mohawks with Napoleonic special rules, Field Commander Napoleon, and why not Flintloque, Sharp Practice and Black Powder Battles. Last two games I actually never played since I still do not have enough painted miniatures to do so, but I read these rules so often, and take ideas from them, that they definitely join the group of games that define me.
8. Paper terrain production. I do not create terrain; I just love cutting and gluing stuff from producers like Worldworks games, Fat Dragon, lord Zsese or Dave’s Games, so this is definitely a game. The one with strange rules, maybe, but a game never the less.
9. Painting miniatures. As above. Great time and extremely stress reliving :)

And that is it. That is me.

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