Friday, November 11, 2011

The intergalactic solo wargaming day is here!

So, it is 11.11.11. The intergalactic solo wargaming day is here!
And I am stuck on a businesses trip, in the small German town of Burscheid near Cologne, far away from home, family, and not the least, most of my miniatures. And I will not be going home for at least a week, so no serious gaming until then!
But the big day is here... I will not be able to do what I wanted, but I will be able to do at least SOMETHING!

All I have with me are ton of rules in my PC, several d6, several d10/d100, some miniatures I bought here (so mostly unpainted). I also have some books, shoes and similar that I will use as terrain, and do the best I can in my hotel room.
I will even leave office early today (unfortunately "early" should be transcribed as around 4pm) go to my hotel and play!
Hopefully, I will use weekend to write down some reports, even if photos will not be the best considering that I will be making them with my phone camera.

Any way, I will be using the best of the situation. I hope that all of you will do the same. Keep (Solo) gaming!

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  1. I sympathize. I was away from home on 11-11-11, too, without any gaming material. I only have the pictures I took of the game I was playing before I left (still unfinished) that I hope to put on my blog soon.

    Game on!