Monday, November 14, 2011

11.11.11. report: Lord of the Rings Card Game

My second game on Solo Wargaming day was a hand of Lord of the Rings Card Game.

Until today I have played seven or eight rounds, sticking to first scenario Passage through Mirkwood.

As soon as I have purchased the game, I tried to beat it several times using 3 heroes located in the spheres of Lore and Spirit. I lost every single game.

Then, I switched to the heroes from spheres of Leadership and Tactics, and I was victorious in two games in a row.

But Leadership and tactics are not the spheres I want to play, therefore on 11.11.11. I decided to try again with Lore and Spirit. Of course I have lost miserably.

At this moment, game seems a little unbalanced, favoring certain spheres, but I will keep trying with Lore and Spirit until I find the tactics that can get me through first scenario every time….

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