Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Street Preacher II

Scene 2: Gary goes to the shelter for homeless people, to have some dinner and to sleep. Scene as expected.

How many other homeless people come to the shelter that night (d10) 5
Is among them anybody that Gary knows and keeps in touch with? Extreme no.
There is no one from the usual group that night. Gary was sure that he sees these five people for the first time.

What about stuff? At least they are familiar to Gary, right? No! Even the people serving food are the new one!

Gary took the meal, found a place near the exit and with his back to the wall. He decided only to pretend to eat, but not to take a bite until everything explains itself. It was all too suspicious, and Gary wanted to avoid getting poisoned or drugged. He kept a watchful eye at homeless people and at stuff alike, waiting to see what will happen. Did he notice anything strange? Extreme yes! 2 things. What?
Transform intrigues and Oppress attention.
One of the homeless people passed by Gary, whispering: “Act normally. Do not stare like that, since we have to be shore that there are no intruders among us tonight…. Welcome to the society!”

As the time was passing and nothing happened, Gary felt a little bit relaxed, so he got himself comfortable in the corner, and closed his eyes just for a minute. He didn’t even notice when he fell asleep.
Did something wake him up in the middle of the night? Extreme yes! What:
Judge art and recruit travel.
Sudden noise waked Gary from his sleep. Somebody brought several small modern looking paintings into the shelter. Using highly academic language, homeless people were arguing which one of them is the best. The worlds felt strange coming from the people dressed in paper and rugs. Finally, the Buddhist monk well known to Gary entered the crowd, stopped the discussion and proclaimed the one representing human figure build from circles in different shades of blue to be the most appropriate one. He removed the painting from its frame, rolled it and gave it to Gary.
“Take this object of art”, monk said. “It needs to be transported to the Modern Art Gallery in the small community of Waseldorf around 100 kilometers from here. It has to be delivered within 3 days, and you can only travel by foot, so you will have to walk more than 30 kilometers daily. While walking, meditate over the content of this work of art. This will be your spiritual journey. Once in Waseldorf, you will know what to do. You have to leave early in the morning, so now go back to sleep. You will need all the strength you can get.

End of scene 2. Gary was not in control, so CF rises to 7.

Find more about the cult Gary joined.
Take the paintings to the Modern Art Gallery in Wasesldorf, traveling only by foot.

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