Friday, October 14, 2011

Cursed Mansion II

7:40 pm As he entered the next room, Peter stopped, stunned form fear, for terrible squid faced monster moved in his direction! But he quickly remembered that there are no such things as squid faced monsters! It was just a big ugly statue left in this room for unknown purpose…

Game mechanic: cards for this room are Fear and Cthulhu. So, this will be the action scene, and I have to oppose the room with what I have in my hand. Both room cards are with Time keyword, but this early in the game they are still 1d6+0. I used Faith (atheism) +2 (my hero does not believe in things like Cthulhu) and Alert +1 to see what really happens. I have beaten the room easily, so I decided that Cthulhu is just a statue. The statue can’t move so I will leave it as permanent thing in this room. Action scene takes no time. I could now investigate Cthulhu statue further if I want to, but my goal is to survive, so I decided to leave this room as soon as possible, and never to return there :)

7:45 pm In east wing of the house Peter detected stairs leading up. Stairway was richly decorated, and in the time past owners of the house probably used them to impress their guests. Now, left to the hand of time, stairs have become noisy and it would be impossible to use them quietly.

Game mechanic: Passive scene, I used additional 15 min to learn all this.

8:05 pm Next room hosted stairs down and an old radio beside it. Peter tried to switch radio on, but he couldn’t. It looks like it is broken beyond repair.

Game mechanics: Cards are Stairs down and Radio. This is another passive scene. I tried to beat the radio card with my Engineering skill, but I lost, so I decided that radio can’t be used for anything. I used another 15 min on this.

8:25 pm This room had some broken floor tiles, holes deep enough for man to step into them, fall and maybe break is leg. But Peter was alert walking through the unknown house, so he managed to avoid them.

8:30 pm Empty room. Words “KILL HIM!” written with red paint at one of the walls.

8:35 pm Dressing room for garden works and play. Old working suites in the closet, big umbrella and some garden chairs in the corner….

8:45 pm Empty hallway, decorated with paintings of nature and country life.

8:50 Peter detected some kind of control room, that seems to have electronic access to many things in various parts of the house. This room is in much better shape than the rest of the mansion, as if somebody have used it recently. Some switches on the control table have labels next to them with texts like “Scare the curious outside”, “for when they enter the house” or “for these in the basement”. Used 15. minutes.

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