Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy street preacher part 1

I happen to be on a business trip in Italy, so I am unable to play anything but Mythic, the game I always carry with me :)
So here is some result, but first
Disclaimer: this story has adult content and it is not suitable for young people. The ideas and views that appear in the game do not represent my personal views and opinions. I am only role-playing the game in the way Mythic rolls it, using some stereotypes that can be heard in the world we live in.

I decided to play a Mythic adventure, starting from zero. I started with the chaos factor of 5.
In the beginning I decided to generate a hero using UNE. Here is the result:
Prying scientist, motivated to Aid magic, attend zeal and proclaim deprivation.
OK. So Geri is a cult member wannabe of the worst kind. Not only that he believes in supernatural, but he claims that he knows scientific evidence for everything from ghosts to UFOs. He constantly tries to convince others with his “evidence”.
He was accidentally able to read some books about Buddhism, and he started to be a strong supporter of eastern philosophy and religion.
Although he comes from the middle class family, he refused to take any kind of job, left his parents house and started living as homeless street preacher bugging the people that walk the city.

Now that I have my hero, I would like to know what happened to him. Excitement masses. What about? Mistrust expectations.
Good. So, the economical crisis is over, right? Well, think again. Governments continue to pressure politics of savings. It is easy for them to say, but are they ever thinking about working class, who finds harder and harder to mach ends meet? And to demonstrate their un-satisfaction, unions invited people to the streets.

Geri joined them, of course, seeing opportunity to preach to the masses. But will anyone listen to him? Unlikely: No. People are to occupied shouting and protesting to pay attention to the street preacher.
So, Geri decided to try to sneak among the union representatives, climb at the improvised speaking stand, steal the microphone and use it to talk to the masses. Can he make it? Very unlikely: No but (I am using alternative fate chart with conditional yes and conditional no answers. Chart can be found here) he will find one person who will listen to him! Who?
UNE: Refined monk, motivated to secure force, teach racism and inform about ghosts.
Before Geri could climb to the stand, somebody grabbed him from behind and pulled him into the side street. When he finally managed to release himself from the grip, Geri noticed that his capturer was a white man, neat, clean and intellectually looking, with shaved head and dressed in the robe of the Buddhist monk.

I have heard you preaching, said the monk, and I see that we have the same ideas. I happen to know that there are others like us. So, we will create an organization with goal to change the world. We want to create a paradise on earth, but before that, we have to clean the Earth from all that is not pure. Our governments are week, they are unable to control economy, or deal with the terrorist threat. The change is necessary, and it is our time to act. For this, we have the blessing of our ancestors. The ghosts of great people from the past, huge leader of men and fathers of their nations all of them, are willing to lead us and help us achieve our goal. All I need to know is are you with us?

Geri accepted the offer to join the cult with gratitude.

Will the monk ask Geri to attend some secret meeting? Likely: No.
You are one of us now, said monk. When the time comes to act, I will contact you. Until then, carry on your mission the way you did so far…

Geri was not in control, so CF rises to 6.
NPC List
Mysterious monk.
Learn more about the cult Geri joined.


  1. LOL - This was timely amusement for me in NYC as we have much protesting going on in the streets. Some protesters are sincere and making important social statements. Others are like your Mysterious Monk, or even worse! Very entertaining!

  2. Finally got around to reading this. Good stuff Aleksandar!