Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Image World, Session 2

Session 1 can be found here.

Session 1 can be found here.

Warrior (MGE: Persecute Success): Event in Creation, after the event where gods created image world. As world started to shape, Imra, goddess of change began to disagree with the image. She started to shape the world differently, according to her own vision, and everything she touched turned even more beautiful than the picture in the Image world. But the other gods were jealous at her successes, so they tricked and imprisoned her into the same Image world she hated, where nothing is real, time stands still and changes are impossible (D)

Romantic (MGE: Celebrate information): Event in the Age of Enlightenment, after Imagist rise to power. Heraha, high priestess of Olhuna, goddess of nature, child birth and health, while praying on the twentieth day of spring, received vision of the garden in the Image World, where all plants had their healing properties written in front of them. Grateful for the new knowledge, Heraha order that great festival should be celebrated each year on the twentieth day of spring, which will from this moment on be known as the Day of the healing herbs.


1. Event in Creation - Imra escapes from the Image World (D).
2. Scene:

QUESTION: Have Image World survived Imra’s escape?

Setting the scene: Other Gods discuss Imra’s escape.


Banned: Imra.

Romantic (UNE: Optimistic steward, shepherd gluttony, compose riddles) Dubus, god of wine and entertainment.

Warrior (UNE: Obnoxious astrologer, construct intelligence, drive expertise) Guhernia, goddess of science and logic.

Me: Skallut, bisexual god of justice and right measure.

R (MGE: Return Attention) “The name that has been forgotten is back on every lip! End of all things is coming! Let’s drink and be merry!”

W (MGE: Adjourn Riches) “This is not a laughing matter, you fool! The knowledge Imra took from us is more precious than you can ever imagine!”

Me: “We have imprisoned Imra unjustly. So she is entitled for some compensation. Our time to pay had to come sooner or later. It came now.”

R (MGE: Proceedings Opposition) “I’ll sit with Imra by the glass of wine; let laughter wash all past away! And let all that now belongs to her be shared with all of us again! Let’s drink and be merry!”

W (MGE: Refuse a Representative) “You are a fool. You can not negotiate with yourself, and you want to negotiate with Imra! Even if she accepts your proposal, she will change her mind the minute we turn our back on her. That is her nature. We have to find some other way to deal with this problem.”

Me: “Maybe we can offer her something else in exchange? But first, are we positive she has not destroyed the knowledge we seek? It could be lost during her escape, or destroyed after it, having in mind Imra’s hatred for it?”

R (Arrive Nature) “Changer will change but not destroy! Ever-changing is her mind, so now she loves what she once hated! Let’s drink and be merry!”

ANSWER: Imra stole Image World from other Gods, but fell in love with it and could not destroy it.


R – Chose legacy (MGE: Dominate investment) Imra’s ownership over the Image World

R makes dictated scene:

Question (MGE: Inquire Disruption) How did Imra’s ownership of the Image World ended?

Description (MGE: Truce Investment)

The time has come, and Imra met with other Gods to offer them her proposition.

“Let’s all of us retire to the Image World, and leave the creation to the mortal races. This way, Image world will again belong to all of us” said she.

“The proposition is just” announced Skallut.

Other goods looked at each other. Finally, Guhernia spoke for all of them:

“If this is the way it must be, we accept. We will all move into the Image World, and make it our home. From now on, created world will stay in the hands of mortal races.”

ANSWER: All gods left creation and settled inside the Image World. (L)

Part 3 can be found here.


  1. Another great session Alex. Thanks for sharing - I'm inspired to try this myself sometime this summer.

  2. I'm glad I can read this now. It's going great! The gods really have that Greek/Roman feeling.