Friday, July 22, 2011

Day at the races

Ladies, Gentleman and all of you with unidentified sex, today, here at the fringe of the empire, we present you a chariot race between two fractions, undead Romans and unpainted gray elves!
As this is introductory race, chariots will be racing just one circle around the forest. If you want to bet on your favorite chariot, look for the dwarf with the blue helmet!
And the chariots are off!
Coming out of the first turn we have elf team of Gray Shadows in the lead. It is surprise since these horses are known as slow to react, but seems that in this race drivers managed to overcome this weakness, announcing themselves as strong favorites for victory.
Another surprise at the second place. Red Scarab team moved ahead of their Prince who started at disappointing third place!
At the end, as expected we have Grey Lions team. Lions can not mach horses with speed, but they are famous brawler team, so we might expect them to get close and personal later in the race.
Coming at the open, Scarab horses are spooked, probably from the thought what will happen to them if they finish before their prince. Prince is grabbing the chance and attacking Shadows! I do not think they have enough speed to pass them.. But wait, Shadows are trying to bash into prince! They miss and fall to second place! Prince is leading!
At the back, Lions are trying to whip Scarabs, but they miss! Lions just lost their whip and stayed at last place! There is very little chance for them to move forward now!I don't think Shadows are going to give up that easy... And yes, they are attacking on the far turn and reclaiming the leading position!
Approaching the finish line, Prince is trying to pass Shadows but fails!
But look at that! Scarabs are trying to save the honor of Undead! They have just passed Prince and are attacking Shadows! Bold move, but there is no time! Shadows are first, Scarabs second, Prince third and Lions at the rear.
Not winning but finishing in front of Prince is not a good news for Scarabs. It is expected that they will be punished with at least century or two in some remote tomb, so I do not think we will see them racing again any time soon....

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