Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Xenopiramyd hunt

After heavy playtesting of solo rules from earlier post, I needed to change both period gamed and rule set. So, I made some One Monk SF paper miniatures and decided to finally try mixture of rules from 5150 book by 2 Hour Wargames.

So, here is report by my hero Rastko Rascalrunner, independent adventurer...

"X2F5 is one of these places where future galaxy heroes will be made, and this is why I am here. The whole system is owned by CO COmpany who officially use it for mining, but the real treasure here is the only habitable planet, where remains of ancient civilization can be found, and among them often artifacts of great value.
Planet is lightly infested with Xenos, but CO C. is reluctant to call the army to purge the place, afraid that some valuables might be lost in the process, trusting into mercenary groups who descend to the planet on their own to find and retrieve ancient artifact.
I received inside information that one such artifact, Xenopiramyd, can be found among the ruins freshly discovered under desert sands.
I was not going to trust any of the no good soldiers of fortune in the orbital station, so I decided to take the risk and descend to the surface alone.

I landed south-west from the ruins. Moving as fast as I could I entered oasis to the east of me. Between two pillars I found one of inexperienced boys who are coming to the system in dozens. Kid was still alive, although knocked out cold. I left hem where he was. If he is still there once I finish the job, I will pick him up. If not, well too bad...
The rock formation further east turned out to be buzzers nest. A female specimen tried to attack me, but I fired host of laser beams into its direction, and the creature decided to back up, scared by flashes.
I disturbed another hornet's nest in the oases to the north. This time creature flied directly towards me, trying to strike me with its sting. I fired my laser from point blank, hitting the xeno in one of its wings and taking him down, unable to move.
After this experience, I tried to lower the risk by sneaking to the rock formations, but sneaking up to these xenos is no easy task. Among the rocks I found the Xenopiramyd itself, but guarded by a stalker xeno, who was not at all surprised to see me.
Stalker charged, but I managed to shot before he got to close. Laser beam distracted it and creature lost it's balance. I used this moment to step up, and fire few more rounds directly into its head.
So I picked up the Xenopiramyd, and returned to the first oasis. I figured, while I am here I might take wounded kid back to civilization, he might turn to be useful one day.
No new xenos appeared on the way back..."
After fight, I rolled on recovery table for wounded kid, and he turned out to be Rep 3. I will have to do Talk the Talk to persuade him to join me in the next mission :)

When you play 2HW games with one character, you have to be lucky, or it's Game over. I was very lucky this time. No activation doubles were rolled, so no surprise xenos appeared.
Also, my hero ended CC with Buzzer as winner, even if xeno had 1d6 more to start with. Quest object appeared in 4th "room" that is neither too soon nor too late. Finlay, when I failed sneaking test, it turned out not to affect the outcome at all.

All in all, this was a fun game, and I am looking forward to the next adventure.


  1. Looks like fun -- I enjoyed reading the report.

  2. Very nice. You show the fun that can be had with small amounts of figures. Thanks for posting