Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mutant Hunter - Assassin, example of play

Not so long ago, Solo nexus invited all to participate in challenge of re-skinning Andrew Domino's game Mutant hunter. So, I made a version located in grim fantasy world, and now it can be downloaded from Andrew's web page.
For all of you who downloaded or think about downloading the rules, here is report from one of my test runs...
I decided to play my assassin (lets call him Bonnan for fun) as typical fighter, good with weapon, but not very familiar with magic or achievements of the civilization. Therefore he has 2 skill points in Sword, 2 in Bow, 0 in Magic and -1 in Social/Spy. He has 15 health points.
One day, mysterious stranger approached my hero and asked him to kill Duke of Bumbaril. Not being very smart and hardly waiting to get himself into trouble, warrior accepted.
To reach his target, assassin has to overcome 20 obstacles, so called level circles. Number at the beginning of each paragraph symbolizes number of level circles left.

20> Snake eyes. just as it is to be expected with my luck and dices, my warrior will start with - social event. Lucky thing is that rolling double 1 allows him to raise his Spy skill to 0 just for this event. Event roll: 10. Just as he left the inn where he met mysterious stranger Bonnan, all proud of himself and with nose in the clouds for being hired, forgot to look down and bumped into local dwarf shopkeeper. Our hero stumbled and fell, losing 2 health points, so now he has 13. He should be also moving few level circles back for discussion with dwarf details of the accident, but since there is no back to go, Bonnan stays at 20th level circle.

20> (second time) 10 - combat encounter. Encounter roll 7 - Bonnan will have to duel duke's personal guard (CV4). Assassin rolled 8, that was high enough to kill the guard.

19> 7 - combat, than double 2, two soldiers patrolling down the street. No problem for our warrior.

18> 8 - combat, than 10 - duel with another assassin. Bonnan rolled pretty low - 6, but his opponent turned out to be even bigger amateur (rolled 3). Bonnan moved on.

17> 5 - ranged combat. 5 again - guard at the window. Bonnan eliminated him with one precise shot from his bow.

16> 7 combat, than 10 - rival assassin again. This one was better, and managed to wound Bonnan and to delay him for one circle.

16> (second time) snake eyes again! Social event: 7 duke's servant. This time I was lucky, rolled high and Bonnan managed to trick him. Seems that good help is hard to find these days.

15> Double 6 - magic! 10 - Magic altar. Our warrior tried to solve it's mistery, but failed, lost 2 health points (10 remaining) and had to go back one level.

15> (second time) 11 - magic again! Bonnan tried to destroy magic field with bow, but missed. I need to roll 5+ on 1d6 to pass this magic trap. And I rolled 6. Therefore I have also earned object Magic mirror that can improve my Spy skill in encounter of my choice.

14> 3, social. 8 - duke's wife. I decided to play it safe and seduce her by writing letter with my own blood (-2 health points, 8 left)

13> double 2, found some healing herbs! Health goes back to 10!

12> 10, combat. 8 - Bonnan had to prove his skills in the temple of warrior god, but it is a peace of cake with his +2 sword bonus.

11> 7, combat. 5 - guard in the empty corridor. Easy kill.

10> 5, ranged. 12 - Bow skill is increased by 1 just for this encounter. Next encounter roll: 4 - duke's bodyguard. Bonnan rolls 7, bodyguard 4, victory of the assassin.

9> 7, combat. 5 - guard in the empty corridor. Easy kill.

8> 7, combat. 4 - two soldiers patrolling down the street. No problem for our warrior.

7> 3, social. 4 - our hero finds himself in the middle of the bar brawl. Situation as created for him, and he used his fighting skills to clear it out.

6> 11 magic! 10 - Magic altar again. This time Bonnan knows better, so he sacrifice it's blood on it to open the way forward. (lose 2 health, 8 remaining).

5> double 3! Bonnan found a book of magic that permanently increased his magic skill from 0 to 1! Oh, and it was ranged combat event, our hero had no problem with as usual....

4> 5, ranged. 7, soldier behind the barricade. One arrow was enough, as expected.

3> 9, combat. 5 - guard in the empty corridor again. Easy kill again.

2> 3, social. 12 - empty corridor.

1> 7, combat. 8 - Bonnan had to prove his skills in the temple of warrior god again. He proved his worth for the second time, so the priests allowed him to enter duke's chambers.

Duke is obviously ready for Bonnan, for he is fully dressed, wielding a poisoned dagger in each hand...

In first round Bonnan used his Bow +2 and Sword + 2 skills, and rolled a 3, wounding duke for the first time. But poison started acting, and hero's sword skill is now at +1

Second round: Bow +2 and Sword +1 and roll of 2 - miss! Lose 1 health, 7 remaining. Sword at 0.
Third round: Bow +2 and Magic +1 and roll of 4 - second hit! Magic at 0.
Forth round: Bow +2 and Sword 0 and roll of 2 - miss! Lose 1 health, 6 remaining, Sword at -1.
Fifth round: Bow +2 and Magic 0 and roll of 1 -
miss! Lose 1 health, 5 remaining, Magic at
Sixth round: Bow +2 and Spy -1 and magic mirror Spy+1 and roll of 6 - third and final hit!
The duke is dead. Bonnan can now retire to heal his wounds....

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