Friday, May 20, 2011


We have all talked about DOING IT.... We all filled our blogs with plans that some day, when stars align (maybe even 11.11.2011 on solo gaming appropriation day) we are going to DO IT. But no one I know ever reported actually DOING IT.
Well, I DID IT, and now I can proudly wear my Solo Gamer badge even to the streets... I played my first game of BARBARIAN PRINCE!
Day 1. Started in Weshor. Tried to move south to farmland, but got lost. Spent the night in the town.

Day 2. Moved to farmland, met local priest who joined me. One mercenary thug found us, but we killed him and got 5 gold. Hunting was great, I must have killed somebody's cow. :)

Day 3. Crossed the river. Hunting was fine.

Day 4. Stayed by the river bank to heal wound from thug encounter. Hunting was fine.

Day 5. Moved to forest. Great hunting cat surprised us and attacked priest. We managed to kill it, but the priest was seriously wounded. Hunt was OK.

Day 6. Heavy rain stopped our progress. Hunting was great.

Days 7 and 8. Rain stopped. We continued moving west without events.

Day 9. We entered hill country, where we were attacked by another hunting cat. This time, cat grabbed priest and dragged him to it's lair before I could react.

Days 10 and 11. Got lost, but I found wounded warrior. Stayed there for a day for him to heal a bit. Encountered band of Amazons, but they just passed us by.

Days 12 to 14. Tried to cross the river, but got lost. Hunting was fine.

Day 15. We finally crossed the river. Met halfling who engaged us in conversation but at the end had nothing to say. We entered the town and spent the night there, which took the last gold from our pockets.

Day 16. Moved south. I had a hunting accident, got my self hurt and we went to bed hungry.

Day 17. We encountered the band of 5 dwarfs. We thought that they will just pass by, but they suddenly attacked and killed us. Game over.


  1. Huzzah!

    Lesson learned: Great cats find priests delicious. Bring priest(s) along when hunting in great cat country.

  2. Very cool. I unfortunately fall into that category of people who always say I'm going to play it but never do. Reading this though, I'm starting to feel inspired to actually play!

  3. Go ahead and do it...
    It was less painful then I thought it would be.
    I spent less then half an hour with Photoshop to print a map (I removed the border to get bigger hexes) on 4 A4 pages.
    Everything else was printer friendly and I started playing in less then one hour since I decided to do it.
    Considering time I spent on building some PnP card games I play, it is nothing...
    And the game is fun, rules are easy to learn... BP looks scary, but in fact it is not :)