Saturday, May 10, 2014

Niegolewski's cats and mice

The year 1810 finds Major Andrzej Niegolewski and his Polish guard lancers returning to Spain.
Their first task was to scout the terrain in order to determine position of British troops.
Or as Emperor himself told at the staff meeting: "You just get the mice to sniff their noses out of their holes, Monsieur Niegolewski. Then I will send the cats to do the rest."

Finally I have enough 6mm models to play my first game of Muskets and Shakos. Of course, I am heavily depending on the rule often mentioned in the book - play with what you have. So, Niegolewski will scout the terrain with one regiment of Polish guard lancers (rep 5) and one battalion of French line infantry (rep 4). As reserves, he might expect additional squadron of lancers or one independent skirmish unit of 6 light infantry voltigeurs (rep 5).
British troops, on the other hand, can field one battalion of line infantry (rep 4) one battalion of Spanish guerrilla (rep 3), two independent skirmishing units of 6 rifles each (rep 5) and one regiment of KGL hussars (rep5).

Scouting party entered the field, and the PEFs were deployed in sections 1, 3 and 4. The PEF on the hill turned to be just a case of nerves.
As my troops advanced, the PEF behind the hill come into view and it turned into battalion of British line infantry commanded by brigadier. British commander deployed 3 skirmishers in the woods, but they were quickly eliminated by fire exchange.
In order to get center of section 1 into line of sight, lancers charged Brits, and they retired disordered. Only thanks to their brigadier, they managed to form a square almost at the table edge.
During that time, my foot battalion marched forward and get in sight of the third PEF, who also turned to be case of nerves.
But then the lack favored enemy. They received reinforcements. It was battalion of Spanish guerrilla, who appeared out of nowhere (as guerrilla usually do) in base contact with my cavalry flank, forcing lancers to retire while suffering heavy loses. Further more, foot company tried to change formation and failed, even with brigadier attached (I rolled 3 sixes), so they also lost some troopers and were pinned in place, disordered.
Then, I decided I had enough. It was obvious that British troops are concentrated on the left flank. So, I relied my troops and send them back towards the friendly position.
As I retreated, British fired one last salve, with several hits. I could almost hear British soldiers cheer.
I managed to scout the terrain, so mission was successful, but I suffered heavy casualties. My loses were 3 lancers and 5 infantrymen, while Brits lost only 6 foot soldiers.
Basically my elite unit received heavy beating by 2 British low reputation troops and many unexpected things happened, so this was a really good game.


  1. Great stuff! I will look forward to more AAR ; I am a fan of Two Hour Wargames ;)

  2. Your luck is similar to my own I see :)

    Glad you enjoyed the game.

  3. Excellent. Nice to see a skirmish with 6mm figures!