Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big and small: British infantry

With the painting speed increase for 6mm figures, I am now able to show more units in a shorter time.
So, for this installment of Big and small series, I have three units of British infantry.

First are the British infantrymen of the line.
1/72 models are mixed from different sets, while 6mm figures are from Baccus.

Next, some Highlander infantry. So far, I feel that these are the only unit I have not done justice in 6mm, partly because 1/72 Italeri models are so good. 6 mm models are of course from Baccus.

With these unit, and counting Spanish guerilla presented earlier, I have completed First British infantry battalion for Muskets and Shakos.

As Corps asset British can field 2 x 6 men strong independent skirmishers - riflemen.
1/72 miniatures are from Revell, while 6mm are mix of Baccus and Adler.
Finally, here are two last units side by side: