Sunday, March 30, 2014

6mm terrain

In the past life, when I was playing with 28mm or 1/72 figures, all my terrain was made of paper, as it can be seen here, here or here. Or elsewhere through the blog :)
One of the things I learned when I moved to 6mm figures was the pleasure of scratch-building terrain. Here you can see some trees with various canopy shapes, sizes and  colors (I have to make more of them)

 then a bridge
 over the river with a pond, etc.
 Here is a bit different view at the board.
All terrain have a metal base, so it sticks to the game board.
Also, all terrain features that can be walk over are magnetized under the flock, so they can hold soldier when necessary.

Hope you like it.


  1. Beautiful work, Aleksandar. I've just started gaming in 6mm, so I find this very interesting. I hope you find some time to describe how you made these pieces!

  2. Inspiring pictures!

    I've been putting off re doing my hills until I can work out a way of having my troops (which are on magnetic bases) "stick" to the slopes.

  3. Thanks to both of you.
    I will try to make some tutorial soon.
    @Sun of York - as you see I did other way around, I based my miniatures on metal washers and I am gluing magnetic foil everywhere to make them stick, This is good for hills, since it is much easier to put magnetic foil on slopes then metal :)