Monday, March 10, 2014

If you have no idea how to read them, throw them...

My 3 year old kid got his hands on my Rory's story cubes and used them creatively....... for target practicing.

For me, it is a start... Once he gets familiar with the dice, I will tray to make him tell some story about the die he wants to throw, to get him into storytelling....


  1. Hehe, I bought a set for my niece, who is a little bit older, and she seems to love them. Have you tried telling him a story with them before bed? That might get him more interested!

  2. Tried, but he still refuses it. He prefers stories he already know from somewhere else.
    So we play a different game - chose your adventure kind. Each night I start to speak, and then I give him several choices he can choose from, and depending on his choice the story develops....
    For example: Spiderman (his favorite superhero at the moment) was swinging through the city when he met.... who?
    1. Mysterio
    2. Doctor Octopus or
    3. Scorpion....