Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wargaming on a budget space

When my second kid was born, I was forced to surrender to my wife's vision of our apartment. So, our former bedroom become a kids room, and my gaming room become a new bedroom.

And my 4x6 feet table had to move out.

So, I decided to go small and I started collecting some 6mm miniatures. Since 6mm is approximately one quarter of 1/72 and between 1/4 and 1/5 of 28mm, I decided to make 4'x6' table in 1/4 scale. Therefore, I took wood veneer sized to 1'x1,5' and covered it first with magnetic foil and then with paper with grass pattern. This way, my new table was born. And it is completely magnetized.

Now, I am basing all my 6mm models individually on small washers (washers M3 with 7mm outer diameter).
This allows me to use different movement trays for different games, and even to play skirmish games with individual figures since models based on washers are really stabile and fixed on magnetized table.
Additionally, the good thing is that if I can't finish the game in one evening, I can take my new table and put it on the top of bookshelf, out of kid's reach. Everything is magnetized, so everything will stay at its place and I am able to continue the game next day.
Finally, I have made a 1/4 scale inch meter, so that I do not need to calculate distances.
Therefore, everything is ready for me to continue my hobby life on the space budget. Game on!



  1. This is just awesome! I'm currently playing mostly using 1cm = 1" or about 40% scale reduction with paper minis. However I'm really tempted to try a setup similar to yours.

  2. Love it! This is very impressive stuff ;)

  3. Brilliant!
    Perfect for a lot of games.
    Mine would be grass or whatnot on one side for Kings of War or the like and swirly space on the other for space combat games. Nice tip. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks Michael. Actually, that is exactly what I did. The other side has stars for spaceship games :)