Sunday, February 16, 2014

Onslaught miniatures painted

So, first of my 6mm SF warbands are painted. As mentioned in previous post, all miniatures are by Onslaught.
These miniatures are very detailed, so you can paint them in several ways.

First, let me introduce boys I moved to 40K universe - Miles' jazz band Chaos noise marines of Slanesh.
I painted them in their characteristic "Blue in Green" colors, using standard technique - black undercoat and then blue, green, rotten flash and metal layers.
 They may be a little untidy, but please remember that they are 6mm scale.
 And here is Papa Miles himself:
Since the models are highly detailed, there is another, very simple way to paint these miniatures. You can undercoat them with some light color, and then just wash them.
That is what I did with these technocrat soldiers: I primed them yellow, then washed with green, brown or black ink depending of the unit, and finally highlighted helmets, backpacks and weapons.

 And here are all guys from above in a skirmish game:
Here are some more miniatures, the ones I am still to use in the combat. They are all temporary based on 2cm washers.
First some feather-brains chieftains, painted by layering. With little patience you can paint every feather on them in different color, but for 6mm it would be too much.

And finally some bugs, painted by mixing two methods mentioned above:


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