Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Band of Dwarfs

Even if there are plenty of great solo games for fantasy, like Chronicles of Blood, WHAA or new solo rules for Song of Blades ad Heroes, I started to move away from "period" for a simple reason that I do not have enough painted figures for different races.
Therefore, I decided to make as many painted small warbands as possible so that I could enjoy all the diversity of fantasy gaming.
I started with the band of dwarfs from old GW set Battle for Skull Pass.
They are not painted to the extremely high standard, but this is more then enough to become one of the future enemy groups my heroes will have to face...So, let me introduce to you one dwarf hero, one berserk, two warriors, two miners, two hand gunners and even one prisoner of war for the warband to try to rescue every now and then....

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