Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Inspired by recent post by The Trollish Delver I decided to try Fabled Lands gamebooks for myself.
And I have to say I am not disappointed, even if I have not reached very far into the game....

My character was troubadour who managed to set free a wizard trapped in the bottle, steal treasure from a strange beaked and backward walking monster, fail to free the village from fake ghosts, purchase a treasure map and get kissed by the mermaid before he was killed by 3 underwater monsters....

And I have just scratched the surface of the first book!

The game is great because, unlike other similar books, it is open ended and features a wast world that asks to be explored...

I think I will be coming back to this one!


  1. Glad I inspired you to start playing again. It's a great game!

  2. Couldn't resist. After a quick Google research, I ordered the first book in the series (The War-Torn Kingdom). Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I think you will not be disappointed. Glad to see that the inspiring line goes on :)