Friday, June 17, 2011

Chronicles of Blood - racial special characteristic

The more I play The Chronicles of Blood, the more I am into the idea that each race should have it's own special characteristic. Here is what I have so far:

Undead (as written in the rulebook)
Mindless creatures that do not know fear.
Undead never test for morale, 3 points.

Slow folks, but resistant to magic.
Dwarfs move 10cm. You can not cast Curse at a Dwarf regiment. If target of a Blast, Dwarfs get +1 to armor. Dwarf regiment can not have a wizard. 0 points.

Cowards, but there is so many of them.
Ratmen fail morale tests on 1 and 2. This special cost -0.5 points, which allows them to have more regiments than other races.

Fast, good shooters but fragile.
Elves are never slowed by terrain. They are the only race that can take archery 60cm for soldiers (other races have it for war machines). On the other hand, elves can not take armor better than 2. 1 point.

Goblins (thanks Ricardo!)
Cowardly but cunning.
When activated, roll a d20 and on a 1 the regiment deserts(they were just waiting for the right moment to get out of the fight.) On 20, closest enemy unit is Cursed (goblins managed to sabotage their equipment!) 0 points.

Let me know what you think. Also, I am interested in your opinion about specials for other races, like Orcs, Daemons....


  1. Cool idea on the racial specials. I'm wondering about the increased morale failure of ratmen vs. their added regiments. As for other races, the typical orc being the born warrior with blood lust, maybe they would get some bonus in close combat but never be allowed to retreat once engaged in a fight? As for goblins, I imagine them as cowardly but cunning so when activated, you could roll a d20 and on a 1 the regiment deserts, unless engaged in close combat (they were just waiting for the right moment to get out of the fight.)

  2. Great idea for goblins, I just updated it a little :).
    Ratmen should be playtested... Maybe they will desert on even 1 to 3, but I thing that will be too much...
    Other idea is that this special should cost -0.5 points, this way they would have more regiments, but not too much...