Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duel in the ruined city

Inspired by many great battle reports done with the system, I have decided to purchase Red Sand, Blue Sky gladiator battle set of rules.
Since my roman miniatures are still unpainted, I had to test the rules with the 28mm figures I already have finished. As background I have used ruined city scenery already set on my table for another game.
Therefore, my hero, elf ranger (REP 5, armed with bow and sword), while exploring remains of the ancient city, encounters undead legionary (REP 5, 2H spear).
Warriors start 13” away from each other.
Ranger gets initiative, shoots and hits, wounding skeleton’s belly. Legionary moves forward. Elf shoots again but misses, and skeleton continues its advance.
Seeing that enemy is getting close, Elf tries to hide behind fence and gain some advanced position.
Skeleton gets into position to attack, so elf throws away his bow and pulls the sword. Being primary ranged fighter, he will fight as REP 4 in melee.
Skeleton wins initiative, moves 1" away from elf and attacks with spear. Elf burns 3 dices, skeleton 2. Both sides get 1 success, to no result.
Elf closes in. He again dedicated 3 dices against legionary's 2. Again, both sides get 1 success, to no result.
Elf tries Flank and attack move. For this purpose he is again Rep 5. Elf scores 1 success, but skeleton gets 2. Elf gets to the flank, but skeleton turns to face him, end ranger has to burn additional dice.
Anyway, elf gets skeleton where he wants it. Legionary now has tripping hazard behind its back, so even if the elf's attack bounces off armor, skeleton will burn some additional dices.
Elf dedicates 4 dices against skeleton's 2 and hits legionary's left arm.
Fight continues, elf again dedicates 4 dices, skeleton 2. This time, attack hits skeleton's chest, wounding it again. This is second body wound, so skeleton crumbles to the ground, finally dead.


  1. You did exactly what I experimented with and enjoyed - playing fantasy duels/melee with RSBS.

    I even recommended it to my friends and I think this can breathe some fresh air into the game. This allows for using a lot of more diverse models, styles, equipments, attributes, settings, etc.

    And all it takes is just some imagination...

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  2. Thanks for the first comment on this blog...
    I am even thinking to go one step further and to combine RSBS with WHAA (basicaly I will play WHAA and tirn to RSBS when it comes to melee), but that may turn out to be too complicated...
    I am planing to try one scenario this way next weekend, and I will post result here...

  3. You 'stole' my idea! I don't have any gladiators, but I was just going to use the system with all my fantasy miniatures! Glad to see tat it works great