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Adventure of Half elf bard

This post contains adventure that came out of the solo Mythic RPG session.

Vuk is a half elf bard who lived all his life in isolated forest laboratory belonging to his elf magician mother. He is on a search to learn as much dragon lore as possible, and some day meet real dragon…

Scene 1:
Setup: Vuk is coming to the small town, planning to enter the tavern and earn some money performing. Threads: get a job (minor); find a dragon (Major)
D10 roll: 2 – Interrupt
Event meaning: waste magic
Interpretation: Bard’s magic is its performing skill. Vuk never saw so many people in his life. Seeing them, he gets stage fright (new weakness): his performing skills fall to miniscule whenever someone is watching him; he can no longer earn money as performer; he gets -2 shift for all willpower checks whenever he is not alone. New thread: defeat stage fright.
Is he getting also one stunning emotional wound – same as standard stunning wound but uses willpower check to heal? A sure thing. Against toughness of below average it is 95. Roll: 64 – yes.
Action: Vuk finds some dark deserted alley and tries to recover from exceptional shock. His willpower is exceptional, but with emotional wound it turns to high. Vuk needs 35 to recover, but rolls 60 – no. Vuk uses 25 favor points for yes.
Scene ends. It was chaotic, so chaos factor moves to 6.

Scene 2:
Setup: knowing that he can no longer trust himself as performer, Vuk decides to try and earn money as a scribe with the town government.
D10 roll: 10 – as described.
Government offices are as always located in the center of the town. Can Vuk get there without having to ask anyone for directions? Very likely. Required 90, rolls 43 – yes.
Can he get there without exposing himself to the negative effects of the crowd? Intuition of townspeople is average; Vuk’s sneaking skill is high – required 75, rolls 55 – yes, but random event.
Event focus: New NPC. Meaning: Care a path.
Interpretation: there is a guard at the door of town hall letting in only selected people.
Can guard recognize that Vuk is half elf? Unlikely. With chaos 6, Vuk needs over 50. Rolls 96 – exceptional no. Not only that guard does not look at Vuk as someone suspicious, but for some reason lets him in without question.
Description questions:
Is a town hall simultaneously governor’s residence? For a small town, likely. 85 required, 24 rolled – yes.
Is governor experienced solder? 50/50. Required 65, rolled 12, exceptional yes. He is a retired veteran general of several campaigns. Therefore the guard let Vuk so easily inside, he is probably just an honor present from nearby military command. General will recognize Vuk as half elf immediately.
What does general think about elves and half elves? Intolerance prison. Well, he hates them and wants to have them all locked away safely.
So: Vuk entered the city hall, and approached General. But as soon as general saw him, his faced turns grim and he barks quick order. Vuk is suddenly grabbed from the back by 2 guardsmen. He is surprised, so his reflex falls from high to above average. Guardsman strength is high, but since they help each other, it becomes exceptional.
Does Vuk escapes from guardsmen grip? He needs 10, rolls 29 – no.
“This is not a place for nonhumans,” says General hatefully. “Drop him into prison until I decide what to do with him”.
Scene ends, it had chaotic ending, therefore chaos goes to 7.

Scene 3:
Setup: Vuk finds himself in prison, stripped of all possession, and tries to find a way to escape (new thread: escape from prison, new thread – find equipment.).
D10 roll: 1 – altered scene.
Question: Does guards temporarily lock Vuk in empty room in Towns hall, having no time to drag him to prison immediately? Odds: somewhat likely. Required: 85. Rolled 7 – exceptional yes. Guards were in the hurry to perform other duties from General, so they put Vuk in first available room they thought empty. They did not even bother to take Vuk’s possessions from him.
Is there something or someone else in the room? 50/50. Req. 75, rolled 41 – Yes.
What? Trick Ambush
Interpretation: Guards have left Vuk in this room on purpose so that their colleague that was earlier guarding the door could kill him and in this way redeem himself in front of General, or at least earn a lower punishment for letting Vuk in at the first place. I suppose the guard is armed with the sword, he enters the room and attacks Vuk.
Combat (short version): Guard attacked so he goes first. Miss. Vuk goes next, he kills the guard with 3 precise dagger blows (spending 14 favor points on first one, from there everything goes smooth).
Vuk takes the sword from the body, might come handy later.
Vuk stealthy checks the door the Guard entered the room, to see if his colleagues are waiting for him there. Are they? 50/50, chaos 7, required 75, rolled 78 – no one there.
Vuk goes out of the room and the scene ends. He left the room alive and with all his equipment, even getting a new sword. This closes the “Find equipment” thread and goes towards an escaping, so 10 favor points are in order. Also, Vuk was in control of the situation for the first time so chaos factor drops back to 6.

Scene 4:
Vuk is trying to find the study of the General, and see if there are some interesting data collected during his military years, and then escape the building and town, of course all without being seen.
D10 roll: 7 – as planned.
Is General’s study on the upper floor? Likely. 85. Roll 18. Yes.
Can Vuk get to the upper floor without being seen? Intuition of the guards is average; Vuk’s sneak skill is high, required 75, roll 12 – exceptional yes. He managed not only to get to the upper floor, but directly into Generals study, without being seen or heard.
Is there some kind of safe in the room? Unlikely. 50. Rolled 93 – exceptional no. There are not even drawers. Everything is left on the table or in shelves, clearly visible and unprotected.
Can Vuk find something of interest here? This is intuition test. Chances are small that anything important is left like this in the open, so difficulty will be high. Vuk has to check it all in a hurry, so he gets -1RS to exceptional. Required: 65. Rolled: 8. Exceptional yes. Vuk finds 2 interesting information.
What is first one? Oppose advice. Second: Pursue possessions.
Actually, Vuk finds a human military manual about dragons. Unfortunately, there is nothing new in it. Usual stuff about Dragons liking to pack treasure hordes. Also, advice to solders not to come close to dragon’s lair unless ordered or in great numbers.
Vuk decides to keep the book, as souvenir for his collection of dragon lore.
Is there a window in a room? Sure thing. 95. Rolled 89. Yes. Are there bars at the window? No way. 25. Rolled 18. Yes.
Vuk will have to come out the same way he came. This is a stealth test, only this time can be supposed that guards have found the dead body and they will be on a lookout. Therefore their intuition will go to above average. 55. Rolled 64. No. They have seen him.
Is this only one guard that has seen him? Very likely. 90. 14 – exceptional yes. It is the guard that has current duty on the exit door.
Is there time for Vuk to fire en arrow before the fight begins? Very unlikely. 45. Roll 1, exceptional yes. Vuk fires 2 arrows before the guard could rise an alarm.
Combat again shortened. Who goes next questions removed, etc.
Do arrows hit? Difficulty should be above average, because guard is partially covered with door. Vuk acts in a rush, so his bow ability goes from high to above average. 50.
Arrow 1: 95 exceptional no. String broke on the bow, no more shooting until it is repaired.
Guard screams the alarm but no one heard him (97 exceptional no) so he attacks Vuk.
Does guard hit? Average to average – 50. 89, no.
Vuk tries to run past guard through door. This would be Vuk’s agility against guard’s strength. Guard is blocking the door making it difficult, so Vuk gets -1RS. High vs. high – 50. 45 – yes.
Vuk gets through the door and runs into the city streets. Does guard run after him? 50/50 – 65. 73 – no. He stays at the door rising alarm again.
Can Vuk get out of town without problems? Very likely. 90. Rolled 17 - exceptional yes. Not only he gets out of town without problem, but the general decides he is not worth the chase.
This scene ends. It was chaotic, so chaos factor goes to 7. Still, Vuk managed to close the thread “Escape”, so he gets 10 favor points.
This concludes first adventure of Vuk. He went home, took a rest, repaired his bow; put his new book in the library. He will have to search for dragons somewhere else and avoid the nearby town for good.

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