Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Solo Boargames: ... and What's Not So Hot.

After mentioning some games that left really good impression on me, here is a short list of the games I had in my collection that I felt disappointment by, so I sold them as soon as possible.
This list might come as surprise, as these are the games from the top of the usual solo boardgames lists. 

No. 3. The Lord of the Rings The Card Game
This was the first game I ever sold. I had a basic set and one expansion, and I noticed that I was able to do very little with it. The game requested constant expansions, In which I was not interested to invest, since I was not thrilled with the game at the first place.

No. 2. Scythe
This game created a lots of hype on the internet, and as it had solo mechanics, I rushed to purchase. But the disappointment was huge - game mechanics is so repetitive that you quickly start yawning. The only reason this game is not on the bottom of the list is great Automata - solo mode that is real work of the genius done by Morten Pederson. Still it was not enough to stop me from selling this game at half the purchase price to the first bidder.

No. 1. Mage Knight Board Game
At the bottom of the list is a game that is too big for its own good. Cards are divided into too many decks (while still each deck is too small and gets quickly repetitive), there is to many counters and boards and everything. The game that takes forever to set up, and then forever to clean. And the playing of the game itself lasts too long. When I purchased it I expected the game where every time you play a new story would be told, a new epic adventure worth of writing a fantasy novel. With this I wouldn't mind components and time. But the game failed to deliver. The game lasts just few turns (and each turn lasts too long in real time) where you are rushing your figure on the board to do as much as possible with limited amount of cards. All mechanics, no story. For me it was an epic fail.

So here they are. My Exes. Any similar experiences?


  1. Me and my wife really liked the LOTR game but yeah, you have to buy in along the way, its rather pricey.

  2. I had similar experiences with Mage Knight. I have no experience with Scythe and it never really appealed to me. I still have hopes for the LOTR card game. I just don't enjoy the deck construction part and the idea of mixing together disparate bits of the Tolkien world in order to create a winning deck. And then trying to figure which cards you need to add/remove in order to beat specific scenarios. Another top solo board game that didn't gel with me is Robinson Crusoe - too fiddly/puzzle-y, and didn't draw me in.

    Tastes vary. And that's fine. Not everyone has to like the same games. I could (and will) weed out quite a few more games from my collection, as they are not likely to ever be played by me (or never again in some cases).

  3. i have racked my brains and cannot really think of any solo games that were bad. I have not played many boardgames solo, but the few I have been OK - even the ones specificially designed for solo play.