Friday, January 30, 2015

Pleasant dreams

Yesterday, I received a copy of the first "physical" kickstarter I ever supported.

It is a card game called Pleasant Dreams.

It is a simple push your luck card game, no better or worst than bulk of the print and play games appearing every year on BGG solo print and play competition.

Challenge and re-playability level for one player is pretty low. Game seems to fare a little better for two players.

The good thing with the game is production, which is done properly, and the art is really nice.


  1. Hi Aleksandar, thanks for supporting my game! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the production quality and I'm curious about your comment on the 1-player game. Most people I talk to have a very hard time when they try to beat the solo game in "frightmare" mode. This means starting on a wakefulness of 4 and with only 1 player card. When I try this, there are only a couple cards with which I can beat the game. You mention that it's pretty low in replayability, is that because you're looking for a bigger challenge or would there be something else that would increase replayability for you?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Aerjen,
      Low replayability for me means that there is no RPG element of a story to drag me into the game and make it different every time, and that push your luck mechanism (especially with 19 basic cards) tends to get repetitive quickly.
      I played a basic game with every combination of player cards (except Recurring dreams which seems to be useless when playing solo) and I never wake up. After that I had no desire to try frightmare mode, since the result there seems to depend some 70% on luck and 30% on skill, and that simply is not my cup of tea. I prefer games where you know that you can win every time, just if you use the right combination of resources.
      For me, Pleasant dreams can be quick filler game while I am waiting for something, and I already have the ideas how to use these cards for some of my solo RPG exploits.