Monday, January 26, 2015

Jatacenje 2015

This weekend, the 9th Jatacenje gaming conference was held.

And it was bigger and better than ever.

Long time ago, Jatacenje started as preparation Warhammer tournament for ETC.

But now, WFB took less than 25% of tables.

We also played lots of Flames of War and DBA
And lots of board games.
As special candy, we were able to test prototype of the new Demigods Rising boardgame, which had a very successful kickstarter campaign middle of last year.
Hey, there was even a Subbuteo football!
And what is very important for me, this was the first Jatachenje gaming conference that my son, now 4 years old, could participate on equal terms with me. He played a lot of Kids of Carcassonne, Angry Birds card game or Spuzzle. And he was not the only kid around, so it seems that our gaming community has a future.
Very successful two days indeed! 

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