Friday, April 4, 2014

Bananaman and the mixed magnetism - intro

For my next solo RPG, I decided to go once more for option as light as possible. I wanted something funny, so I selected to play a Bananaman BBC cartoon episode (all rights belong to appropriate owners,  no challenge attended).
For tools of trade I selected another soloist best friend - 9Q. And, I used a light D4 RPG system based on Risus, I invented especially for this occasion. Rules for that system can be found here.

So, here are my heroes:

1. Twenty men... twenty big men  8D4
2. Doctor examined his head once.... Didn't find anything. Not even a brain.... 6D4
3. Schoolboy that leads amazing double life  4D4
4. That's me, Fiona  2D4

1. Bird genius 8D4
2. Bird like any other 6D4
3. Have a banana, boss 4D4
4. Tell Bananaman 2D4

The story will come in next post.

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